Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm taking a break from the snow and cold today.  Well, I'm not getting away from it, but my blog is.  Before this weather hit I took some pictures on my way to work.  Every time I stopped for a red light I would pull out my camera and snap a shot.  So for your Friday view this week this is what I see on my way to work.  These were taken last Saturday and there were a few snow showers so you might see some flakes in these pictures.

Starting out from my parking spot  in front of my house.  Looking up the street.
And looking down the street in my side mirror.  The church is All Saints Catholic Church which just recently was shut down after being there over 100 years.  So sad.
And here is the view across the street.  I don't see anything coming in the mirror so let's start off.  (Do you see the snowflakes?)
Here's where I need to turn.  The building on the corner used to be a real estate agency.  It's the one I used to buy my house.  Next to it used to be a hardware store.  Now it's a medical center and a chiropractor.  Everything changes.
Heading down Aramingo Avenue.  That's I-95 on the left.  (More snowflakes!)
Passing Lowe's and Public Storage.  It used to be all manufacturing along here.  Now it's all shopping.
I had to stop at the bank and make the deposit for work.  This is not a usual thing.
Back on Aramingo and heading for work.  But soon I'll turn off onto one of the side streets.  Traffic is too bad if you keep to the major roads.
Here's the park I pass.  When I get here I know I'm almost to work.
The pizza place is at the last light I have before I turn onto Indiana Avenue where the library is.  I don't think I have ever gotten a green light at this intersection during the entire 3 years I've worked at this library.
And here I am pulling up to work.  I usually find a spot right outside the front door.
My messy desk is waiting me.  Time to get to work!
Friday's weather
High:  20 degrees
Low:  13 degrees
Sunrise:  7:16 a.m.
Sunset: 5:10 p.m.
9 hours and 54 minutes of daylight (heading for that 10 hour mark)


  1. How is the pizza at that place? Nice ride, the library looks like a school!

    1. I've actually never had pizza from there. I don't like piazza all that much. I'm allergic to all things dairy so it's a big deal to dose myself up so that I don't get sick on the cheese.

  2. I enjoyed tagging along with you!!

  3. What a fun peek into your every day world, Kathy. Ummmm...that looks like a NOVEL laying there on your WORK desk!?! lol xo Diana

    1. Actually it's not a novel, but novels have to be processed to go out too!

  4. It was neat seeing my neighborhood (I live 2 blocks off of Armingo) from that perspective. It looks familiar yet different
    at the same time. Thanks for the ride!

  5. How neat to ride along with you! I love libraries...especially the old buildings. Happy weekend my friend!

  6. That was fun!
    I like this post, a lot. And now I know what your side of the country looks like.
    The view on Aramingo is wonderful.

    Sorry about the snow :(

  7. Thanks for taking us on the drive .
    I love libraries !

  8. I enjoyed seeing your neighborhood, its very charming! Where is this?

    1. This is the northeast section of Philadelphia, PA. The neighborhoods are Bridesburg (where I live) and Port Richmond (where I work).


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