Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Hello, friends.  Ever feel like Snoopy -- you have your skateboard kicked out from under you?  Well....

On Friday you know I went to Shop Rite.  At the end of the time while we were walking around I complained to Joe that my legs were hurting.  When I got home, I saw that they were swollen.  That is nothing new.  It often happens when I do too much walking.  I elevate them and the swelling goes down.

But it didn't.  Saturday they were still swollen.  And by Sunday they were even worse.  I skipped church -- and you know I never do that -- and went to Urgent Care.

The doctor I got there was one of the best I have ever had.  His name was Dr. Sorrentino and he knew my primary doctors, my cancer doctor and my cardiologist.  He has been an Emergency Room doctor for 30 years.  He checked me for congestive heart failure (which is what I was thinking and why I didn't want to wait to go to the doctor) but found everything fine.  He said the hot weather and too much walking when you are "older" can make your legs swell.  He told me to stay in the cool and keep my legs elevated.  He also told me to see my primary this week.

Yesterday they were still swollen.  Worse.  I am now having trouble walking.  I called my primary doctor.  It was her day off but I wanted to get an appointment to see her.  The office staff told me she had no openings and I should see my cardiologist.  I told them it wasn't a heart problem and the receptionist said she would talk to Barbara (my primary) but she doubted she could see me.

I was pretty upset about this, but I called the cardiologist.  The receptionist there was appalled at the treatment I had received and said I needed to see a doctor right away so she would bring me in today even if it wasn't a heart problem.  So that is where I am headed today.  At least some people in the world care.

I have just gotten up so my legs aren't too swollen right now.  As the day goes on, they get worse.  So we will see how it is by the time I get to the doctor.

I cancelled Bible Study for this morning so I could get an early appointment (9:45 a.m.).  This afternoon and evening we are to get severe storms with high winds and hail.  I don't want to be driving in that.

I will definitely let you know what is happening.  I hope it is an easy answer.



  1. You were treated so horribly! I'm encouraged that you found at least one person who cares. Praying the doctor gets to the bottom of whatever is goin on.
    Prayers & hugs!

  2. Stories like yours are so unnecessary. I am glad that your cardiologist’s office will see you. Keep the AC going and the recliner tilted with you in it. Joining you in saying a prayer for easy answers.

  3. Sorry about the way your doctor treated you. A lot of them are like that. I was told to see my primary care doctor in 3 or 4 days from the day I went home from the hospital. My doctor was too busy until a week later. it makes you wonder if we are just dollar signs. I hope your visit with your heart doctor goes well and he can figure out what is wrong. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Ooh, dear friend, I hope they are able to figure out what is causing the problem, and those actions are taken sooner rather than later...
    Sending healing thoughts and wishes your way, please keep us posted.

  5. Oh my word, I am just catching up with you....this is some scary stuff you are dealing with. I can't imagine not being able to get an appointment when you really NEED one. Praying, dear friend!


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