Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Years ago I read this series of books by Calvin Miller.  I was attracted to them because they were thin little books and I felt I could get through them quickly.  Sometimes you just need a fast read.  And they were set at the turn of the 20th century in King of Prussia, PA where my mom lived.  So I picked up these four books and fell in love with them.



 In the morning Joe and I read a chapter of Proverbs and a chapter of another book of the Bible (we have started on Matthew this month).  And at night we do a devotional booklet from Charles Stanley and a chapter from a book -- mostly fiction, but some non-fiction.  I knew that Joe would like this series and so for the last six months we have been reading them.  We finished the first three and now it is impossible to find the last one.  It isn't in the library (where I got the first three) and isn't even for sale on Amazon (out of print and no chance of reprint).

These books follow the Mueller, Withers and McCassland families.  It is so vivid and believable that you will think these people actually existed and go looking for their houses as you drive through Montgomery County, PA.  You laugh, you cry (actually cry!) and you get invested in these stories.  I am sad that we finished the last book that I can get.

If you are looking for a good read, try these books (or any of Calvin Miller's books).  They are hard to find, but well worth the effort.

UPDATE:  I found Frost on ebay for $1.  I bought it and it's on its way!
Monday's weather:
Partly cloudy
High:  45 degrees
Low:  21 degrees
Sunrise:  7:13 a.m.
Sunset:  5:14 p.m.
10 hours and 1 minute of daylight
Hooray!  We made it to 10 hours!  So glad it's light longer.


  1. Kathy, books sound interesting. If I had a tiny bitty chance I would pick them up.I hope it is warming up for you
    have a wonderful and blessed day.

  2. The series sounds interesting. I love a book with strong characters. I'm glad you found a copy of the last book. I use
    Ebay a lot for books as it is usually cheaper. Amazon of course but I also search Barnes & Noble. They have 'used' listings as well & have had a few of my 'hard-to-finds' when you don't want to wait. Sounds like you & Joe have quite a reading program.
    I also like reading scripture from several different sources. It adds perspective. I LOVE reading Charles Stanley! He explains
    things in a concise & plain way.
    How about the overnight dusting of snow we got? I agree with you. I like having more sunshine! I heard we may go to 40 degrees this weekend. A heat wave! Ha ha!
    Have a beautiful day!


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