Monday, June 11, 2012


Mondays are always busy at the library.  Especially during the summer months when we are closed on Saturdays.  People just can't seem to live their lives without being at the library every day to check their email or get their weekend movies.  Today was especially bad because it was the first week we had been closed for the whole weekend.  To top it off we had two people off today.

We usually get about 15 phone calls a day.  Today we had 38.  Usually make 8-10 new cards.  Today 26.  Usually are asked 10 questions.  Asked 29 today.  What was with everyone?  At least there weren't any rude people.

Of course there is always the strange phone call.
Woman:  Hello, I checked my account on-line.  It says I owe money.  I know I returned my video.  Why do I owe $1?
Me:  Let me look up your account.  May I have your library card number?
Woman:  G-- d---, I knew you were going to ask that.  Now I have to find my card.
(If you knew I was going to ask that, why didn't you have your card there?)
Woman:  (after a pause gives me her number)  I don't owe no G-- d--- f---ing money.
Me:  You returned your video one day late.
Woman:  But I renewed it.
Me:  Yes, you renewed it until June 4th.  You returned it June 5th.
Woman:  (curses profusely)  I can't believe this ************ (fill in the blank if you dare).
Then she says calmly and nicely:  Thank you so much for your time.  Sorry to have bothered you.  Have a nice day.

Huh???  They're out there folks.  It's scary.  Really, really scary.


  1. I'm going to write a book about all my weird phone calls. Yes, they are out there!

  2. Even with the weird, I guess busy
    can be good. It means you're needed (job security)??

  3. They sure are Kathy! (as the theme to the show "The Twilight Zone" plays in the background...LOLLLLLL)


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