Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The title says it all.  The day began with me baking muffins for Bible Study only to get a call from Trish that she was on the way over with coconut cupcakes and homemade chocolate candy for the group.  Why can I never remember which Tuesday I don't have to bake?  Well, the good news is I froze the muffins and will thaw them out for next week (or the week after that since we have leftovers from today).  I will not have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to bake for a couple of weeks.  I like that.  I like that a lot.

We are studying the book of James.  Last night Joe and I went over what was going to be covered today -- James 1:9-12 (trials).  How everyone faces trials.  How life is full of trials, but God uses those things to teach and grow us.  How we should not be filled with pride because we are either poor or rich.  How God will give us a crown of eternal life if we give ourselves to Him.

I am so glad we went over things.  Joe got up today, ate breakfast, started to get ready to go to church, said he didn't feel good, ran to the bedroom and just got in bed when he had a very bad seizure.  One of the worst I have ever seen him have. His arms were thrashing all over the place and his head was shaking like he was trying to shake his brains out.  I stood back and watched to make sure he didn't fall out of bed, but at a safe distance so I wouldn't get hit.  He would have done some serious damage to me.

Of course now he needed to stay in bed, so he sent me to teach.  I am not supposed to be teaching since I am not an elder and that is a requirement in our church.  But already the people were sitting on the steps waiting for us to open the church.  So I ran over there and took over the meeting.  And it was a very good meeting.  Lots of interaction which is always a good thing.  You don't always have to agree 100% with what the other people are saying, but having them think and analyze the scripture is good.  Of course, a good teacher tries to bring them into his/her way of thinking.  :)

After Bible Study I had to get ready for work.  It was my day at Fishtown.  If I hadn't had to go there, I probably would have taken today off.  But if I didn't show up, they could not have opened and it was their big kick-off day for the Summer Reading Program.  They had a 2-hour carnival with face painting, games and treats for the kids and free books.  I have never seen the place so crowded.  It was hard to walk through the rooms.  And everyone (kids and adults alike) loved it.  How creative these people are.

As for Joe, I called his neurologist who won't be in until Thursday.  So I was able to talk to the nurse in that department.  Because Joe did not go to the hospital on the 14th, he missed having his blood work done.  When I explained what was going on and said I thought the new medication level was incorrect, she said she thought I might be right.  All these seizures started after they changed the doseage on his drugs.  So tomorrow morning before work (read 6:00 a.m. here) we will be going to the hospital to get his blood work done.  Then when the doctor comes in on Thursday the results will be waiting for him and he will see what is going on and give us a call.  I have a good feeling that this is going to solve Joe's problem and get him back on track.

I have to get back on the desk.  This is my dinner hour.  Only two more hours and I can go home.  I really do not feel like cooking so I am going to stop at Little Caesar's and get pizza.  We have not had it in a long time.  And it's only $5.  I like that.


  1. Boy Joe sure is having such a tough time isn't he? I pray that the bloodwork will give some clarity to the problem and you all can get it under control soon.

    I don't care much for Little Cesars but my family LOVES it and I LOVE 5 dollar dinners :)

    Happy Wednesday Friend- Hope it's a good one :)

  2. I hope that the bloodwork will reveal something & Joe will start to feel better.Prayers will continue for him.
    I think Little Ceasars is okay but agree the price (& speed!) is great. As Philly is looking at 3 days at least in 100 degree range
    this might be a dinner option.I must admit where I live I have almost every fast food chain (& Walmart!)within a couple blocks.
    Salads anyone? I am spoiled! Ha ha!

  3. Oh Kathy...so sorry to hear about Joe's seizures! I pray he will get better. I'm sure you wanted to stay home with him, but you had to continue on with a busy day. God really did give you the strength and energy to teach the Bible study and then go on to a full day at work with such a busy day of the opening day of summer reading program! Goodness girl!! It seems like you are always on the go! I'm glad it was a successful day at the library. Take care of you and Joe!!


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