Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I haven't been feeling well for about 6 weeks now.  I have gone to the Emergency Room -- they found nothing and sent me home.  I have gone to my family doctor and he took blood tests, but hasn't gotten back to me on the results.  Today I went to my cardiologist.  He listened to me and is concerned enough with what is happening to give me three tests.

Right now I am wearing a 24-hour heart monitor.  What a pain!  Try going to the bathroom when you have a monitor with wires attached to you that you have to hold with one hand so it doesn't fall.  At least it's only 24 hours.  12:30 p.m. tomorrow I can take it off.  Then I am taking an early dinner and running it back to the doctor's office.  As usual I forgot to get a note for work, so I will get that while I am there also.  I'm always in such a hurry to get out of that office.

I am also going to have a stress test and an echocardiogram.  I am determined to find out why I am having heart palpitations and feel like I'm going to pass out.

It's been a week since I had my blood tests, so I am going to call the office tomorrow and see if the results have come in.

I am hoping that whatever it is it's something simple that a change in dosage of medication (or a new medicine) will be able to fix.  I am so tired of feeling tired and sick all the time.


  1. I hear ya on those monitors being aggrevating. When I was pregnant with Ax I had to wear one. My results were a bit abnormal and I was supposed to have went for an echo but never did. I swear I'm the biggest procrastinator!

    Hope everything works out well for you dear friend. Praying for good test results :)

  2. Bless your heart! What a time you are having but it is a GOOD thing to get to the bottom of what is going on with you. We have to take responsibility for our own health which is exactly what you have done! INSIST on finding out what is wrong!!

    Prayers for you as you go through this stressful time!

  3. Being tired & sick is not normal.I applaud you on your determination to 'get to the bottom' of it all. It's frustrating when tests come back 'normal'& you KNOW something isn't right.
    We'll be covering you in prayer.


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