Saturday, July 24, 2021


 Hello, friends!  How has your weekend been going?  Does it seem to you that the weeks are flying by?  We are halfway through the summer already.

This has been a busy week.  All my weeks seem busy these days.

On Tuesday I taught Bible Study.  And for the second week in a row I was late.  I pick up three ladies at opposite ends of the city.  I'm actually driving almost an hour to get all of them and get them to the home of the lady who hosts the study.  But the study was good (we are in Hebrews 4) and we ended up staying afterwards and talking for almost an hour.  It was great, but then I got nothing done around the house.

On Wednesday I went to Mane Connection and got my hair trimmed.  My new hairdresser Lisa is the best.  I asked for it to be up to my chin and layered and she gave me exactly what I wanted.  I think it's so cute.

Then I went to pick up my friend Donna and we headed for Rite Aid.  She had a discount card with a huge balance and wanted to share it with me.  We went around the store and gathered what we needed.  I saved half of my total and Donna saved almost everything.  We came back to my house, watched a Hallmark movie (Donna doesn't have the Hallmark channel) and then had dinner.  Barbecued pork chops done in the air fryer, mixed veggies, and grilled asparagus.  It was very good.

Yesterday Joe and I took our friend, Dorothea, to Yamato's for her birthday.  We all like Japanese food and she had never been there.  Everything was so good!  I got chicken yaki soba.  There was so much that I brought half of it home and had it for dinner tonight.

And through all of this I have been in pain in my left shoulder and arm and have been fighting major mouth pain.  Fortunately the antibiotics I got from the emergency dentist finally kicked in and I am doing much better.

Next week is my sister's birthday and as always we are going away for a few days.  If you look back in this blog, you will see that we used to take the entire week to spend together.  Those days are gone since she changed jobs.  But we always make sure we are together at least part of the week.  Joe will have to fend for himself for a couple of days.  Of course I will take you along.

Sunday School and church tomorrow.  And now I have to get off of here and get the bulletin and the coloring pages printed.

Have a nice evening everyone.



  1. Sounds like a busy week indeed! Glad your mouth is better.
    Have a good Lord’s Day!

  2. Love the new 'do'! It is cute & great for the summer. You & Donna really did get a deal at Rite Aid. Sharing always makes a day better. Glad to hear the antibiotic kicked in.

  3. Your new hairdo looks nice. It sounds like you've had a really nice week. Enjoy your time with your sister, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Your hairdo is nice! You are kind to drive to get friends to/from bible study. Have a good time with your sister celebrating her birthday 🎂! 😍 hope your pain goes away soon and you feel better daily. We were with the children's church 2nd service. 14 children today. It was fun and a game that became quite loud but fun. Take care and have a blessed week.

  5. Hi Kathy. Your hair looks really nice. Glad that you were able to get together with Donna and Dorothea. I am glad the antibiotic finally took hold and helped you feel better. I hope you have a great week and fun with your sister. See you again soon. :-)

  6. May the health concerns be resolved before you and your sister have your getaway. Glad to read that there is improvement. Your hair is cute!

  7. Sooo happy to hear your mouth is feeling better! I'm sure your time with your sister will be much more enjoyable with that pain gone. Have a great time! It's a busy week here with several and hair for me. Your haircut IS cute! Have a great Monday!


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