Friday, September 18, 2020


 What a couple of days I have had.  Yesterday I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.  So I took my medicine, fed Jack, made myself breakfast and got ready for the day.  I am trying so hard to get my house under control so I have a huge list of things to do.  I had the energy so I began cleaning.  I did the dishes and a load of laundry.  Then I took my car to the garage for inspection.  Everything was great and it passed with no problem except that I need to get new tires.  I asked if it could wait until I get my pension check and my mechanic said yes.  So I will go back on October 1 to get the tires replaced.

I went on until 9:00 p.m. when I just couldn't do anymore.

Today we are supposed to have a guy from the gas company come to examine our meter.  They do it every three years.  He has not shown up yet.  But I have been up since 7:00 a.m. trying to clean things up.  Besides which it is trash collection day, so I got the trash and recycling out.

I did another load of laundry, cleaned Jack's box, swept down the cellar stairs, and cleaned a path to the gas meter.

Then I went outside to work on the patio.  It still has some things to get done, but it is looking pretty good.  I am decorating for fall.  Only a few days of summer left.  Since I have never decorated my patiio before, I bought a few things from Amazon.

I planted the mum I bought.

The tomato plants are producing like crazy.  We ate one tomato for dinner last night and I have three more in the bowl on the table waiting to ripen.  The tomato was so good.  But then homegrown tomatoes are always better than what you get in the store.

Tonight I am going to make Pumpkin Sweet Potato Soup for dinner.  I was at my pastor's home a couple of years ago and he made this for his guests for dinner.  It is so good.  I asked him for the recipe and he gave it to me.  I had lost it, but when I was cleaning up today I found it.  I have everything I need in the house so thought I would have something different for dinner.  If it turns out for me, I will give you the recipe.

And now I will go back to straightening up before I start the dinner.  Hope you all have a good evening.  Thank you to everyone who has been commenting lately.  I really appreciate that you all like my blog so much.  And welcome to the new followers that I see have joined recently.

Until later....



  1. Kathy, You know I love those peanuts kids pictures. Makes me think of when my daughters were little and we would watch the Charlie Brown specials. Gosh my girls loved them. Glad you got so much done young lady. Your decorations look very nice for fall. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hi Kathy- good for you for being so productive! I love your fall decorations for your backyard. I will look forward to that soup recipe. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  3. I’m glad you had the energy to keep at your projects! It is so satisfying for you I’m sure. The patio looks cute!

  4. You have been a busy bee! You really got a lot done.Love the fall decorations.I know fall colors are your favorites. Certainly are great for decorating! Getting chilly,staywarm!

  5. I love your fall decorations Kathy, they look so welcoming !
    Seems like there is always something to clean, cook, or take care of, does it ever end for us ladies ?
    Fall is most definitely in the air, and I for one am ready :)
    Stay well dear friend,

  6. Yes it's a bit cooler here with blue sky, sun and clouds finally instead of smokey air. Rain came early Friday. Yeah! πŸ‚πŸπŸ‚ everywhere! I saw stars as well! First time since Sept 6th. I like squash soup. Hubby doesn't. Pumpkin good though. I like what you put in your back lawn. Nice!! I've been having issues with sleeping. Get to sleep then wake up a few hours later and habe issues going back to sleep. I need to close off my thoughts and sleep. 😴 have a blessed weekend.

  7. How'd this one get past me?! I'm here looking for a broken toe. 😏 When I took my car for inspection, it needed new tires as well. 😏 Thing is, the gov suspended car inspections and I didn't have to take it, but I wanted to know. 🀦🏻‍♀️ Okay, heading back for the soup recipe. I like your decorating!

  8. I'm so glad we met through our blogs! Surely hoping we can get together sometime again. Post Covid, I suppose.
    You had quite a busy day. I'm not always so ambitious!


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