Thursday, May 14, 2020


Hello, friends!  It's a beautiful day here today.  So warm and sunny.  I'm sitting here listening to the sound of lawn mowers and thinking that I need to fix the weed whacker today so I can run over the lawn tomorrow morning before the rain comes.  I do want to get out there sometime today and do a little planting.

I grabbed a picture from our local news station of the Commodore Barry Bridge this morning.  One reason I like living in Philly is because we are between two rivers and there is always something pretty to look at.  I love the way the sun is shining on the Delaware River.

We were given some pansies at church and they were giving out the left overs.  I was able to get three pots.  Here's a picture I took of the flowers around the sign in front of the church.  They are so colorful and pretty.

Today I thought I would open up my photo album again and take you into the past.  April 5, 1986 to be exact.  The Statue of Liberty was being refurbished and the flame from the torch was being toured around the country to raise money for the work being done.  When I found out about it, I went down Center City on a Saturday to see it.  Even back then I always had a camera with me.  If I remember correctly, this was taken with one of those little pocket cameras that took 110 film.

Here are the four pictures I have.  I think the first one is the best of the bunch.

Here's another shot from a slightly different angle.  There is a lot of glare on the glass surrounding the flame.

You can see the truck it was on is surrounded by a stage which is surrounded by barricades.  There was no way anyone could get near it.

And that building in back of the torch?  It's Independence Hall.  What a great place to display it, in Independence Square.

Thanks for coming with me on this trip back to 1986.  It was a different world back then for sure.

Hope you are all surviving the lock down.  It is the end of week #9 for us with a partial opening scheduled for June 4.  We'll see.  The governor keeps moving the date later and later.  But I do see some things beginning to let up.  I just hope the barber opens soon before Joe's hair is down past his shoulders.

Take care and I will see you soon.



  1. What amazing photos! WOW! And I love pansies...they are so pretty for Spring! Have a good week sweet lady!

  2. I must have missed 1986 as this is the first I've heard of this historical event. Let's see, I would be finishing up my final year of college, selling a home, and raising two children. I guess I was busy. Thanks for the information.

    I love pansies and should try to round some up as this is the perfect weather for them. If my hair gets any more "tufty" I am going to stick a hat on my head and leave it there.

  3. The bridge scene is beautiful! Hope all is well with you & Joe.

  4. Such pretty pictures and interesting as well. Hope you are feeling much better and will have a happy Friday.

  5. Good memories. Our county isn't opening too much. Some stores not in malls are able to open. So I can go to TJ Maxx soon. Don't need a lot of things yet though. Need to get some pjs for my youngest granddaughter. Maybe order from Kohls online. Sigh. We might need a new lawn mower if we can't get it fixed. Have a blessed day.

  6. I love the boatride around the Statue...I love the meaning-give me your tired and hungry...come to America and be safe.

  7. It's such a beautiful statue, although I've never seen it in person. Thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  8. Hi Kathy - I love Philly too! It is a beautiful and interesting city. I was only there for a summer, but I sure wouldn't mind living there! So much history - which I love. Interesting pictures of the Statue of Liberty's torch. I love the flowers by your church and that is great that you got some leftovers for your own yard. Have a good weekend. I will come back for another visit again soon. Stay safe and well.

  9. Hi Kathy! My heart and prayers go to all of you in Philadelphia, PA!
    You have a beautiful city! One day, I would love to visit.

  10. That must have been a great experience! I love looking at little snippets of people's own stories of the past. It's really interesting!

  11. How neat to see the flame! The pansies are so pretty. We haven't planted anything of these days I'll have to go out to see what I can find. Yes, we are still waiting along with you. Lancaster Co is going against governor's orders and moving to yellow stage. Guess we will see how that pans out.
    God bless you and keep you well, my friend!

  12. Hi Kathy! Oh, the pansies from your church are so pretty! I just love those little smiling faces on them. Loved seeing your olden snaps of 'The Lady's' torch! When we lived in upstate New York we used to hop on the train and go spend the day there and come back that evening. That was fun. Thanks for popping in to see me and hope you're staying safe.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)


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