Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Hope your day was wonderful.  I had a nice relaxing day at home.  I slept late and even took two naps during the day.  I just couldn't seem to stay awake and I'm ready to sleep again.  So I didn't get any cleaning done.  I did, however, make a great meal.

It was a beautiful day -- sunny and around 70*F.

 This time last year the apartment house in the back looked like this:

Look at it today!

We know there is someone living on the second floor but are not sure about the other two floors.

I decorated the back door.  That will be changing soon to Christmas.

 I found this cute little kitchen towel.

One thing I'm thankful for is my dishwasher.  For many years I had to do dishes by hand.  I did two loads of dishes today and there's another load waiting in the sink.

I brined the chicken.  I hadn't done that before but it worked out really well and I will do it again.

I made two pumpkin pies -- a custard one for me and a spicy one for Joe.  Mine was good, but I had never done the spicy one and it didn't really turn out all that well.  I will make another one using a different recipe for Joe for Christmas.

I know most people eat in the early afternoon, but we didn't eat until about 6:30 p.m.  The sun was just setting.

The chicken was roasting, the dressing was baking, the asparagus was boiling, the gravy was heating and the potatoes were being whipped.

Finally it was all ready to eat.

Everything was wonderful.  I hadn't made stuffing from scratch in about 20 years and wasn't sure I remembered how.  But it turned out great!  I added celery, onion, mushrooms and craisins.  I'm glad there is some left because I could eat it every day.

My movie today was "'Tis the Season for Love" (2015).  Another good one.  I didn't realize how many good Christmas movies are out there.  And there are so many more I want to watch!

It has been a long day and I am so tired.  Making dinner took everything out of me.  I'm glad I didn't have to drive anywhere because I don't think I could have made it.  My eyes are closing and I have to go.  Work tomorrow but at least I have the weekend off.

35 days to retirement


  1. What a delicious looking meal. I've never attempted homemade stuffing. I always just opt for the box stuff. I didn't do any cooking this year. My mom cooked dinner for our entire family. It was nice but I do miss not cooking at home.

    Glad you and Joe had a nice relaxing day. Hope your weekend is great!

  2. I LOVE the little kitchen towel! Really cute. The dinner looks yummy & the plates are so pretty.
    The holidays are for enjoying,so relax! Do what you can.Russ & I went to IHOP & had a lovely meal. The waitress remembered us & welcomed us back! How nice of her. With the weather so nice,we strolled back home holding hands. How I love holding hands!
    Have a beautiful day!


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