Friday, August 1, 2014


As I mentioned before I am having difficulty getting on the internet at my sister's house.  I am posting Wednesday and Thursday entries together so be sure to read them both.

The day began with me taking Joe to the VA Hospital for his doctor’s appointment.  Since we were late last week (and Joe does NOT like being late) I left extra early this week.  It was a good thing too because when we got to the University City area the street we needed to be on was all torn up and the traffic was backed up for over a mile.  We just crept along with everyone trying to get into one lane.  But we still made it with a half-hour to spare.

While I was waiting for him to come out of the doctor’s office, I was reading my latest book on the diaries of Olga Romanov.  So interesting.  I finished the year 1916 and am about to start on 1917 which was the last full year of her life.

Neither Joe nor I had eaten anything before we went so I offered to take him for breakfast.  We went to the Country Club so he could have his favorite whitefish platter.  I had eggs, sausage and potatoes.  I am not used to having such a large breakfast so I felt as if I rolled out of there.

We moved one of the pieces of furniture in the dining room back into the kitchen when we got home.  One down, one to go.  I tried to do so much around the house before leaving for my sister’s.  But there is always so much to do.  Finally Joe told me to leave, that he would take care of things.  So I packed my bags and took off (later than I had planned) for northern New Jersey.

Usually it is a two hour drive up here, but today it took me almost three hours.  Traffic was so bad!  But I got here safely and then we went out to dinner with Elaine’s friend, Frank.

We went to the Jefferson Diner.  The food is always excellent there no matter what you order.  I had honey dipt fried chicken with fries, onion rings and coleslaw.  It was to die for.

Jefferson Dinner has been featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” with Guy Fieri.  There is a big autographed picture of him in the entrance.  It was also on TLC when one of their waitresses got a makeover.

As you can see it’s won all kinds of awards.

I loved how you can see the big neon clock through the front window.

After dinner we stood in the parking lot watching the sun set.  It was a beautiful evening.

Tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms.  We were going to go to the NJ State Fair, but now we will wait to see what the day brings.



  1. What a cute Diner! I really like that show with Guy Fieri.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I love diners and that one looks amazing!!
    Sounds like you had a nice evening :)

  3. Diners usually have great food. Looks like a neat place. Glad you arrived safely.Hope you make it to the Fair. Sometimes the rain predicted never comes & tho overcast,the day turns out ok. Hope that happens for both of you.I know that no matter what you do,sisters always find it fun! ENJOY!!

  4. I am going to check this diner out, Kathy. I love how you order. I go to NJ quite often as I have some close friends there.

  5. glad you had a slow day yesterday and a good meal today. i've enjoyed your sister week series. Take care and hope your feet and legs are feeling better!


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