Monday, August 11, 2014


Today is little Miss Aurora's seven month birthday.  Time has really flown.  I took these pictures of her at church yesterday.  Everyone was talking to her and tickling her and pinching her cheeks and rubbing her legs.  She looked at everyone as if to say, "Really.  Is this normal?  Does everyone have to touch me?"  When her grandmother asked, "Am I Granny?" she shook her head no.  She really is the joy of the church.  We are all her honorary aunts and uncles.  I've never seen a baby so loved.  I'm so glad she is a part of my life.

left to right:  Mom Cherie, Miss A, Dad Pastor Justin

"Yes, I understand what you're saying."

"I'm ready to go home now."



  1. Good morning Kathy!
    just getting back to my week routine..
    Week-ends are great with family but,
    Oh boy I pay for it on week days.. laundry,
    cleaning, and routine naps...

    That baby is sweet and looks so happy. I know
    what you mean at our church Tealyn gets passed
    around from arm to arm.
    Sometimes I have to look for her after mass.
    Babies are sweet!
    Got caught up with your week-end post.
    Well, Thank God for Frank..
    I can't believe grass was so long.
    Maybe you can look for a company that will come
    out every 2 weeks and cut ,trim and weed-eat?
    That is what we do.
    and about the mosquitoes get it sprayed your yard is
    gorgeous.. I would love seating in those cozy chairs..
    Have a great day,,Blessings~!!!

    1. Aww, Tealyn is so sweet I can understand why everyone would want to hold her.

      Frank is our lawn guy and he will be coming out every 2-3 weeks to trim the grass. I tried to do it myself because he is so expensive, but it's hard when it's that tall. With the grass cut most of the mosquitos have gone away. We had our yard sprayed last year, but it didn't help at all. If our neighbors do not keep their grass cut, it doesn't work.

  2. Kathy, Some babies get plenty of loving. I can see why everyone wants to hug on cute. xoxo,Susie

  3. So precious! With such a happy personality I guess everyone wants to babysit. The problem would
    be getting her back...ha ha!
    Have a beautiful day!


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