Monday, August 4, 2014


I was woken this morning by a car alarm going off.  In my bedroom at Elaine's my window is right next to her neighbor's driveway.  So at 6 a.m. his car was beeping and then he got in, slammed the door and very noisily drove away.  Well, no sleeping after that.  I was wide awake.  So I read a little bit and then decided to get up.

Look who was waiting for me.  Little Cody!

After breakfast we decided to go see if the Farmer's Market was still open.  It is outside of the Elks Lodge about a mile from her house.  We drove over there and not only was the market there, but they were having a flea market too.  So we looked around.  Most of the stuff was real junk.  Things I would have tried to get rid of from my house.  The only thing I bought was a salt and pepper set of Snoopy in a chef's hat and apron for the salt and a grill with hamburgers for the pepper.  Cute for the summer table.

I did get a lot at the Farmer's Market though:  four ears of corn, three heirloom tomatoes, a huge eggplant, shallots, onions, and two big yellow summer squashes.  We had the corn and a tomato for dinner tonight and they were so good!

Elaine was nice enough to do all my dirty laundry before I left.  I went home with all clean clothes.  That was nice!

While the washer was going we decided to watch the movie "Heaven Is For Real."  I had gotten it from the library and brought it with me.  It was really good.  I'll be doing a Movie Monday on it soon.

When the movie was over it was time to go home.  I was sad to leave, but also glad to be getting back home to Joe and settled into my own little routine again.

Saying goodbye to Elaine's cute little house.
 The drive home was much easier than the drive up there.  A lot less traffic.  It was good to be with Joe again.  But I miss Elaine.  I wish we lived closer than a two to three hour drive.

I was so tired that we went to Applebee's for dinner instead of me cooking.  Then we went to Shop Rite and got our groceries for the next two weeks.  You know I slept well that night.

One more day of vacation to tell you about and then it's back to real life.



  1. Your sister's house is adorable!!! Is it as cute inside as it is outside?
    Welcome home! I know Joe is happy to see you!

  2. It was sweet of Cody to greet you. It appears you got a great deal at the market. Such a blessing
    that Elaine did the laundry. Things like that mean a lot. I totally understand about wishing your sister lived closer. Mine was in Atlanta! Now that was a trip.( That airport is awesome!)
    Glad to have you back,my friend. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Welcome home!
    Your sisters home is so sweet.
    and you have to start planning for next year.

  4. Her home is adorable!
    I understand about living closer to the ones you love. My drive is 8 hours or more.

    Welcome back. Enjoy your last day.

  5. Kathy, I just rented on demand Heaven Is For Real, and loved it. Made me cry. Elaine's house is so cute, love the red.

  6. My sister lives about the same distance but i don't mind the drive too much. I have seen her alot lately,due to mom's passing away. Will still find time to see her up in WA this fall. Glad you had a good time all week. Take care.


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