Monday, August 4, 2014


Look who woke me up this morning.  Cute little Cody.

He's such a sweet little doggie.

While I was eating breakfast I was admiring Elaine's orchids.  They are so beautiful.  I can't grow orchids for anything.  They always die on me.

Right after breakfast I asked Elaine to cut my hair.  I had been growing it out for quite awhile.  I love long hair, but it had gotten too long.  I wanted it cut to just below my shoulders.  She did a beautiful job.



Then it was off to the NJ State Fair.  It was overcast, but the sun came out after awhile and the forecast said no rain so we took our chances.  I'm glad we did.

I always take a picture just as we come up to the fair.

We went to the craft tent first.  I love to see what other people make and it reminds me of all the craft fairs I sold at with my mom.  We must have done hundreds of them.  I got a cute little turkey that says "I'm stuffed" that I am putting away for Thanksgiving.  I also got a kitchen towel with a plum pudding on it that I'm saving for Christmas.  I got some seasoning packets and two jars of homemade jam.  One was tomato basil and the other was ginger.  Haven't tried them yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  I think one of those on toast would be a great breakfast.

This is the butterfly tent which was right next to the craft tent.  You could go in and the butterflies were flying all around you.

We went to the building that had all the quilts and the art exhibits.  I always love seeing this.  Elaine and I took chances on four of the quilts but we haven't heard anything so I guess we didn't win.  Aren't these quilts just beautiful?

This was the entrance to the art section.  It was a paint can with red, yellow and blue silk "pouring" from it.

The paintings, drawings and photographs were outstanding!  I can't say enough about it.  I wish I could have taken pictures of these.  The people who entered are so talented.  Amazing!  I told Elaine that I felt as if I had just been to an art museum.

We left there and went to the midway to get something to eat.

Elaine had a frozen banana and I had a gyro.  And of course cold water.  Neither of us minded the heat so much but the humidity was awful.  We just kept drinking and drinking the water.

We both love the horticulture exhibits so decided to go there next.  There were beautiful plantings at the entrance.

This sunflower was gigantic!

As usual the gardens were just spectacular.


A beautiful hibiscus

I love this waterfall and fire pit.

The koi pond and the water lilies were so pretty.

I love the Asian garden.  Especially this waterfall.

Inside the horticulture building there was an exhibit of cut flowers honoring Broadway.  It was great!
The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Kicky Boots

Miss Saigon


Leaving the horticulture area we saw this dog and chicken along with a parade of tractors.

We ended the day at the equestrian area.  One of the riders came up to us as I was taking pictures and asked if she could come close and let her horse see us.  The horse was nervous around people and she was trying to reassure it that people would not hurt her.  Elaine got to pet the horse's nose.

This is the skittish horse.

I was very tired by this time, so we headed home.

I was so tired that I fell asleep when I got home and slept about three hours.  During that time Elaine made a delicious dinner of barbequed ribs, potato salad and broccoli.  So good!

It was a great day but I knew my time being on vacation was ending.



  1. What a day! I would be tired too. Cody is sooo cute! Love the quilts,the Broadway exhibit and even
    spotted some coleus in the garden photos. The Asian fountains are so tranquil.... I could sit there for hours.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kathy, I am wore out just seeing what all you girls did. Yes, your hair is cuter. Good job sis. Those flowers were just beautiful. When I used to go to the state fair, I would look at horses, chicken, and art. :) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. You got some amazing photos Kathy! That giant sunflower was probably one of my favorites. I love sunflowers. Looks like you girls sure enjoyed your day. No wonder you were tired, that was a jam packed day :)

    Your hair looks so pretty- it makes you look younger!

  4. I enjoyed the fair photos, fun times and memories. I like looking at quilts and needlework.too. Not been to the fair for years, nobody to go with. Glad you had a good time with your sister,and she did a nice job on your hair. Hugs and blessings!


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