Sunday, August 17, 2014


I was woken up today with the telephone ringing.  Here Frank, our gardener, was in the back yard and wanted to know what I wanted done today.  So I got up and dressed and met him down there.  He ended up getting most of the side of the yard weeded and cut down the irises for the season.  Together we cut back one of the rosebushes (each getting cut by thorns in the process).  The only thing we didn't touch was the corner with all the poison ivy.  I did spray it with Ortho poison ivy killer.  That worked wonders last year so I am hoping it does the same this year.  Frank will be coming back in two weeks to give the grass another cut and hopefully by then we will be able to clear out that corner.  The yard is looking great.  I'll take pictures to show you tomorrow.  Frank and I work well together in the yard.

After a short nap, I called Debbie and we went food shopping together.  Look what I found today.

Look how colorful these notebooks are.  When I went to school they were plain black and white.  My how times change.  I always buy school supplies when they are on sale this time of year.  Then I have pens, pencils, paper and notebooks for the whole year at a very low price.

And you know I had to buy the spiced wafers.  I know it's getting toward fall now.  We have them on the store shelves for such a short period of time -- August through November.  After that, you have to wait a year for them.  And I LOVE Sweetzles spiced wafers.  Every time I see them I think of my step-mom because they are her favorites too.

Tonight I made ground beef and penne for dinner.  It's quick, easy and always good.  I got the recipe from Marissa at High Heels and Daffodils.  I'm so glad I decided to try it.  It's become a go to at our house.

But now I have to get going or I will never get up for church in the morning.

Until later....

Saturday's weather
High:  82 degrees
Low:  57 degrees
(It was HOT today)
Sunrise:  6:13 a.m.
Sunset:  7:56 p.m.
13 hours and 33 minutes of daylight
(The days are getting shorter)  


  1. I know you are happy to get your yard looking nice, and it is a big job to say the least. Your picture of the food is good and we make a similar version here, and it is also a go to recipe. We keep hamburger in the freezer at all times! Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I remember those black & white books! Love that they now come in colors. Now that you mention
    it, there are a few foods that are seasonal. I love hot cross buns that come out for Easter, candy canes at Christmas among others. I guess we just appreciate them more that way...
    Dinner looks so yummy! I also keep pasta & sauce on hand for quickie meals. What a time saver!
    The yard sounds like it's coming together. I am so allergic to any of the 'poison' family,I get blisters. Ugh!
    Maybe that's why I love my coleus;it's my touch of 'the wild'. Ha ha!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sounds like a productive Saturday. Can't wait to see the yard! Hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!


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