Monday, April 11, 2011


Some of my flowers are up, but there are still a lot to come.  Tulips haven't bloomed yet at all.  But thought you'd like to see some pictures.

 The pink hyacinths.  The white ones are up, but not quite open yet.

 The yellow daffodils are blooming, but the white ones are still shut tight.  What's with all the white flowers?

 More daffodils.

And the lettuce is doing well too.


  1. Doesn't it make your heart feel good when your first flowers appear? I almost squeal! It makes me so happy inside.

    Your lettuce is doing really well. I guess you do not have bunnies in your yard.

  2. We don't have bunnies, but something is eating my lettuce. I am not a happy camper. :-(

  3. Your bulbs came up grate! My hyathens came out bui'm still waiting for the tulips. I don't have luck with dafodils. Your'as came out really good.


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