Friday, April 22, 2011


On Tuesday the Insectarium visited the library for Earth Week.  I was really busy that day and so far away that I didn't get a lot of good pictures.  But here are the few I did get.


Here is the gentleman who gave the talk.  He was very knowledgeable about all kinds of insects.

He brought a lot of insects in specimen boxes.  I think these were giant roaches.  Like I said, it was really busy at the front desk and I didn't hear the whole program.

Another huge insect.  I think it's a beetle.  I really thought I would remember all of them, but I don't.  Next time I will have to write them down.

He brought some cheese-flavored insects and some kids volunteered to eat them.  They all said they were pretty good.

Even Jerry, my boss, tried some.  He said they tasted like cheese.  Me?  Not on your life.

It's a little blurry, but I know this one.  It's a butterfly.  He said their wings are really clear, but the sunlight on the scales on their wings makes the colors.

This is Rosie the red-haired scorpion.  He showed her to us, but no one could touch her except him.  When she got too excited, she went back into her aquarium.

Finally here is a walking stick.  It is the largest insect on earth.  And boy was it big!  Hope you enjoyed this short trip into the world of bugs.

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  1. Cheezy insects? YUM! LOL!

    I love walking sticks! They are so cool.


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