Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Welcome to Day 10 of Blogmas 2017.  How fast this month is going!  I think blogging every day makes you see just how time flies.

Today I thought I would tell you about the snow we got on Saturday.  Our first snow of the season!  We were predicted 2-4 inches and got just a bit over 4 inches.  I didn't go out at all.  I figured I would get up early on Sunday morning and clear off the sidewalk and would you believe it?  My next-door neighbor's girlfriend cleaned off my sidewalk at 2:00 a.m.!  I know because I heard her doing it.  Kate is a gem.

I did take a few pictures at the beginning of the storm.  Triple or even quadruple what you see in these pictures and you will have an idea of what we got.

Sunday morning I got out there to clean off the car and there wasn't an ice scraper.  We have one.  In fact we have two.  But I couldn't find either one anywhere.  I thought I had put everything back in the car after the accident last summer but obviously not.  So now I have to go buy an ice scraper today to have in the car because we are to get more snow today and on Friday.

Joe and I were struggling to clean off the car when our neighbor Kevin showed up.  His girlfriend is Kate who cleaned our sidewalk.  He is a fireman.  Kate was here at 2:00 a.m. because he had just gotten off duty and she was picking him up so they could go to the Poconos and go skiing for a few hours before he came home to sleep and then back to work.  What a life!

Keven grabbed our broom and in 5 minutes had the entire car cleared off.  We had been struggling for 25 minutes.  We really do have great neighbors.

Needless to say we were late to church and I wasn't able to pick up Kathy whom I bring every week.

The good news about the snow?  By yesterday it was all gone.  I can deal with snow like that.

Have a good day.  Stay warm.  It went down in the teens here last night.  I have the fire going.


Monday, December 11, 2017


Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 9.  I just have to show you these wonderful diffusers I got for the house.  

You know how sometimes your home just smells funky,  Not bad.  Not stuffy.  Not mildewed.  Just not fragrant.  Here's the answer.

We originally got these to try to chase away the mice.  Mice do not like peppermint.  Except for the ones we had who did not mind the scent at all.  *sigh*  So we got a diffuser for the living room and then a week later another one for the kitchen.  We smelled the house up with peppermint essential oil.  It smelled wonderful.  You can't see it in the pictures, but you fill a well with water and put in a few drops of essential oil.  Then it sends out a fragranced mist every 30 seconds.

So after getting the wonderful Jack and solving the mouse problem, I began burning other fragrances.  I have kept the peppermint in the kitchen since it smells so fresh and clean.  But in the living room I am burning a scent called "Christmas Wreath" which smells like a freshly cut tree.  So very nice for this time of year.  So here are a few pictures for you.

This is in the kitchen.  It changes different pretty colors.  Here's a little video to show you.

I bought a box of various winter fragrances.  I am so looking forward to using them.

The Winter Collection.  It sounded so cozy.

Gingerbread, Peppermint, Christmas Wreath, Harvest Spice, Cinnamon and Sugar Cookie.  The Harvest Spice was a nice fragrance also.

I think I am going to be getting a Summer Collection also. 

The sunset tonight was beautiful.  Too bad it's at 4:00 p.m.  I am looking forward to longer days again.

The count down to Christmas continues.


Sunday, December 10, 2017


Welcome to Blogmas 2017.  As you might have guessed I am saving some time and writing these posts ahead of time.  But I didn't want to break up the Sunday with Sarah series.  Especially when she has given us this magnificent photo this week.  This is the city's Christmas tree taken from City Hall Courtyard.  One of the prettiest pictures I've seen this year.  Hope you enjoy it.

I'll be back tomorrow with another Blogmas treat.  In the meantime have a blessed Second Sunday of Advent.


Saturday, December 9, 2017


Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 7.  The month is going by so quickly.  I have begun but by no means finished the cleaning and decorating of the house.  And knowing me, you'll see things moved around to different locations before I'm finished and totally happy with the way things look.  But for right now, let me show you some things.

First if you look behind me in the picture you will see the holly wreath I put on the front door this year.  Something different and I think it looks great against the white.

The front window.  So cute and festive.

We got a new nativity set at Lenox when we were there at Thanksgiving.  It was a reasonable price at 40% off.

 I love the little holly design around each of them.

The jingle bell wreath that I bought at Kitchen Kettle many years ago.  It hangs inside the front door each year.

I have had the reindeer for several years.  I think I got it at Rite Aid.  I had two like this that I got on my honeymoon but they both broke.  I was so happy to find one like the original ones.  The trees are new this year from Target's Dollar Spot.  When I saw them I just knew they would look great on my little shelf with the reindeer.

Lots more to come.  I'm attacking the corner where we put the tree today.  Once that is cleared out, the tree goes up.  I have a lot of work in front of me.

For those of you who have been praying and thinking of Joe, thank you so much.  Just got back from the eye doctor on Thursday and he is doing amazingly well.  He now has 20/20 vision.  God is so good to heal him this way.


Friday, December 8, 2017


Hello and welcome to Blogmas 2017!  Did you see the Super Moon on Sunday night?  I had forgotten all about it until a friend from church called me and told me to go outside.  I grabbed my camera but I really didn't get any good pictures of it.

It just looks like any other moon.  I didn't even get any definition on it.  I'm so disappointed.

I guess I should have gotten my tripod out and set up right but it was cold!  OK, I guess I'm not really a photographer or the cold wouldn't deter me.

I tried to take a picture with some background so you could see just how large it was.  But that didn't turn out so good either.

I guess these pictures will keep me humble.  Did you see the moon?  Take any pictures?  I'd love to know.


Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hello and welcome to Day 5 of Blogmas 2017.  I am such a bad great-grandmother.  I totally missed Hadley's four-month birthday.  So here, two days late, I am showing pictures of this past month.  She is growing so fast!

Her first Christmas tree.  She loves it.

Such a serious face!

This has got to be the best picture ever.  Is she scared?  Is she surprised?  I don't really know.

So cute!  She's not afraid of Santa.  At least not this year.

Her momma says:
My baby is 4 months old today, she loves her new build a bear that is supposed to be for christmas, everyone meet ELLA😍
At 4 months old Hadley is...
Around 17 pounds
Can say mama and dada
Can almost sit up without assistance...
She loves green peas
Loves talking
And loves Santa Claus!
4 months has gone by so fast!

Hadley, you are growing up way too fast.

The North Pole

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Hello and welcome to Day 4 of Blogmas 2017.  Today I am going to show you pictures of the church I attend and the beautiful decorations we have.  Several people went there on Saturday to decorate the building.  I went to talk to the pastor, but didn't do any decorating since my stomach wasn't feeling too great.  In fact, I had a party to go to that I didn't show up for.  It was a low-key day.

But enough of that.  Let me show you how beautiful things are.  The people who came out to decorate did a fantastic job.  Their talent is so appreciated.

It is so beautiful and feels like Christmas when you enter the space.  Hope you enjoyed coming along.