Saturday, November 21, 2015


Work has been crazy this week.  I was glad for the day off on Friday.  It was crazy too, but in a different way.

I had so many things I wanted to do.  And I woke up actually feeling pretty good with some energy for a change.  But then I had to go to the doctor and by the time I got back all my energy was gone and all I wanted to do was sleep.

I have had what I thought was allergies for about a week.  It started with a runny nose and an earache.  Then it went to a stuffy nose and an earache.  Now it's just the earache and swollen glands.  The doctor said I have an inner ear infection and gave me some medicine to attack it from the inside out.  While I was there she insisted on another blood test for my thyroid.  I hope it's back to normal although with the way I have been feeling lately I don't think so.  I think it's better though.  Well, sometime next week I will find out.

I got the letter from Social Security and my benefits will start on January 1 and I'm getting a larger amount than I expected to so I am very happy.  Between that and my pension I will be OK.

My Thursday movie was "It's Christmas, Carol!" (2012) and was a modern day version of the Dickens classic.  I thought, "OK.  How many of these remakes can you see before it gets tired?"  But it was really good and cute.  I enjoyed it.

Friday's movie was "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous" (2005).  And fabulous it was.  I hadn't seen it before and sat there and enjoyed every single minute of it.  Very rarely do I just sit and watch something.  I'm usually doing other things while I watch.  But I just sat and watched this.  It was so good!

I am working today and there is church tomorrow.  In the evening there is our seventh annual Pie and Praise.  I'm excited about that.  I think it will go much better than Harvest Day did.  So much has changed.
So I'd better end and get myself off to work.  Another day, another...  You fill in the blank.  And remember to allow for inflation.

40 days until retirement


  1. Another 48 cents? lol
    Glad your $$$ for retirement are better than you expected. That is a good thing! Not too much longer to get through the end of the year, Kathy.
    I certainly hope they can figure out what is going on with your health and get that straightened out. It would be nice to slip into retirement and feel well.
    I have not seen either of those movies you mentioned. I love that you do that-watch one everyday.
    Off with my girls for the day!
    xo Diana

  2. Kathy, I am happy for you to be getting more than you expected. That's some good news. Hope your blood work comes back okay. You might even feel some what better getting away from some stress. Wishing you a nice weekend. It's snowing here in central Indiana...lots. More than predicted. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. I am so sorry to hear about the snow. It is colder here but bright sun. I hope we don't get any snow for a long time.

  3. Great news about your retirement! That had to make you feel more at peace with your decision!
    I hope your thyroid gets lined out soon. I know from my mom that it can really alter your day to day life! Sorry to hear about the ear infection. Hopefully the meds will knock it out!

    I can't wait to see photos of the pie and praise!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend friend!

  4. So happy about the $$$ retirement news! What a nice surprise. Ear infections are awful...hope the
    medicine works.Prayers for your blood work too!
    Enjoy the pie & praise!

  5. I KNEW the finances would work out!!!


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