Wednesday, November 25, 2015


It's so hard to give thanks in ALL things, yet this is just what God calls us to do.  So I am going to give some thanks here.

I am thankful for my husband, my family, my friends, my home, my job, my church and my church family.

I am thankful for love -- both God's and my family and friends.  How sad that some people have no one to love them.

I am thankful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my stomach.  Millions of people do not have these three basic things.

I am thankful that even though my health is not the best, I have a doctor who discovered what was wrong with me and is working with me to make me well.

I am thankful for my recovery from cancer and for God bringing me through so many operations and medical procedures.  A lot of the time I just wanted to give up, but He brought me through them all.

I am thankful for tears as well as laughter.  We wouldn't appreciate the good without the sad.

I could go on and on and on but this post would never end.  So I will just stop here.

We had a short day at work today.  However in order to get out early we had to start work early.  I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, screamed, threw clothes on and ran out the door.  I didn't even stop to eat or feed the outside cats.  I was only 10 minutes late and several others came in the same time I did.

It was a slow day as I thought it would be.  But 20 minutes before we closed people were coming in to use the computers.  They were upset when we told them it was too late.

We left at 2 p.m. and Diane and I went to Shop Rite to finish up our shopping.  Well, she finished up and went home.  I did the whole two weeks shopping.  It took me 1 1/2 hours but I got just about everything.  I couldn't find straws or lemon juice, but I know I can get them at Rite Aid during the week.  And I saved $36 in coupons.  Whoo hoo!

Joe helped me unpack the car and put the food away when I got home.  Since I hadn't had breakfast or lunch I was starving by now.  It was around 4 p.m. and I made us each a hamburger and put some potato chips on the plate.

After we ate, I was so exhausted that I laid down on the sofa and went sound asleep.  I was woken up around 6 p.m. by the phone ringing.  A woman wanted to take a survey.  I'm afraid I was a little rude to her.  I thought it was 6 a.m. and asked her what she was doing calling so early and did she always wake people up out of a sound sleep.  She said she'd call later and hung up.  Then I realized it was evening.

Since we ate such a late lunch we had a late dinner.  I made breaded flounder filet and mixed vegetables.  Joe had a pumpkin bar for dessert, but I am saving mine for breakfast.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I was invited to my sister's house, but I'm just not up to it.  I plan to sleep a lot, eat when I want to, watch the parade on TV and just generally relax.  After this weekend it's full swing into Christmas and we all know there's no relaxing there!

My movie today was "Naughty or Nice" (2012).  This is another movie that I saw the middle of but neither the beginning nor the end.  It was nice to see the whole thing.  The main character, Krissy Kringle, is confused with Santa Claus and receives his mail including his Naughty or Nice list.  She figures out how to use the book and finds out all sorts of things about the people around her.  It's what she does with the information that creates the story.  It's really cute.

Such a lot of things to do tomorrow:  pies, chicken (not turkey, yuck!), clean the kitchen, try to make a dent in the living room, and napping.  Oh the joy of being able to take an afternoon nap.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.

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  1. Loved your "thankfulness".
    I hope you have a very relaxing day of thankfulness.

  2. I loved this blog! You've totally captured the spirit of Thanksgiving. The positives (count your blessings!) usually far outweigh the negatives. I love afternoon naps! They seem more relaxing than sleeping at night,don't ask me why.
    Have a day full of blessings & peace!

  3. I concur with all your Thankfuls, and hope you a wonderful, peaceful, restful day---we're not having our gathering til Sunday, and four of our Kiddos spent several days this week with us, so we're recovering from one celebration before embarking on the next.

    Today should be a quiet, reflective day, with just a pot roast in the oven perfuming the air, us three-of-the-house together at home, and just Togetherness and Thankfulness as our atmosphere.

    I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  4. nice list of thankfulness. We talked about our thankfulness at lunch today. I did some shopping on line tonight and ordered a Christmas dvd by Kirk Cameron...Saving Christmas. No love story though but looking forward to getting it and some music cds and a couple books. Some shopping done. Now I need to make some calendars! We had a quiet but fun day. Chilly outside all week with temps in the 20s at night and day time in mid 40s! Clear skies so far. it's cold outside! Hugs and have a good rest of your week! God bless!

  5. One of these days I'll be able to take afternoon naps. I'm afraid it will be several years from now though!!!

    I NEED to start doing my shopping for 2 weeks at a time. The only problem I have is the kids want to eat it all as soon as I bring it home!!!!


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