Monday, November 23, 2015


Last night was our seventh annual Pie and Praise service.  Admittedly it wasn't as large and elaborate as past services have been, but for being put together at the last minute it was really good.  Everyone enjoyed it.

It began with Joe giving a welcome, prayer and had a time for praise and thanksgiving.  Then Genny read a prayer poem.

Joe A. sang "Give Thanks" which was the highlight of the evening.  So good!

Bud played the piano for us.

He also lead us in a responsive reading on Thanksgiving.

Joe had a closing prayer and then it was time to eat!

Look at all the pies!

Lots of fun talking with others but hard to choose a pie.  Most people took more than one kind.  I had sweet potato and coconut cream.

It was a great day and we even had a great sunset to go with it.

It's Thanksgiving Week, friends.  A lot is going on.  I'd better rest up for it.

39 days to retirement 


  1. Kathy, I am excited for you to only have 38 days to retire. Joe looked nice in you photos...hope he doing well. I am glad you still can have church. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  2. I love this idea and event!
    Of course I love pie!!

  3. What a fun event, Kathy. I would love a piece of coconut cream pie. One of my favorites...of course I like just about any kind of pie.
    Rest up- Thanksgiving is coming! xo Diana

  4. Coconut cream pie is a favorite of mine. Glad you had a good service and pie!!! Will be making an apple pie for thanksgiving. Hugs and have a good thanksgiving week!

  5. Love coconut cream pie! I'm so glad the service turned out well. Sitting around talking,catching up
    without the "hurry,hurry" of life is a true blessing. Enjoy!


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