Friday, November 13, 2015


Another story submitted by my friend Marianne.  She has Graves Disease and is going through a very rough time.  Please remember to pray for her.

April 12
Wonderful treat today! My sister and brother-in-law drove 2 hours from their home in North Central Jersey to take Pop and me to Ocean City for the day! Delicious dinner out en route and a spectacular breezy day at the shore! I walked and walked those boards without any problem, breathing in that wonderful air. Then, all at once, the doctor's warning sounded in my ears as the chest pain, shortness of breath and muscle fatigue began. I understand his concern. However, I had no stress, did not drive at all but slept in the car, was not alone, didn't overexert myself. My legs are full of lactic acid right now, but I have sparkling eyes, good color and feel so grateful that the Lord gave me this day and a terrific sister and brother-in-law who made it happen! I need the beach desperately!


  1. Kathy, That's a great picture. I do not know what Graves disease is but I am going right now and look it up. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. LOOK at that picture! Wow! I have a friend with Graves disease, too. It is miserable. I believe that Barbara Bush has it also. Praying for your sweet friend as she deals with this, Kathy. xo Diana

  3. Hang in there Marianna! I know just how you feel. I have Graves disease but for now, it's now in remission. God is good and you had a great day. The word I kept hearing was, Endure. You need to go through this but you can with God on your side.

  4. Great photo and such a sweet sister! The Lord is so good. These times that He blesses us with are gifts specially designed for you. So priceless! I will be praying for Marianna....and more days like this!


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