Thursday, June 25, 2015


Sorry I have no pictures for you today, but thought I would catch you up with what went on yesterday.  Since I was up most of the night with the pain, I slept in and so did not get to the hospital as early as I would have liked.  

We got there around 11 a.m.  There was no space in the parking lot, so we valet parked.  As I'm getting out of the car, the zipper on my purse breaks..  At least it was closed.  But I had to get it open once I got inside to get out my insurance card and then everything was falling out all over the place.  What a mess!

So I got the x-ray done around 12 noon.  It was painful how they had to put my foot, but the girl was really nice and tried not to hurt me too much.

The hospital told me that the report would be at my doctor's office by 3:00.  When I called at 4:00 I found that the office had closed at 1:00.  I left a message for them to call me back today.  (I really dislike that office.  Love the doctor, but I'm seriously thinking of changing to another doctor because of the girls.  They didn't even send a referral over to get my x-rays taken!)

So with all this running around we didn't get the car in to get the air conditioning fixed.  It's going in today and I will get a ride back and forth to work.  I hope.

Bible Study was so good last night.  We had a new lady show up.  It was all about fellowship.  What it is.  How to have it.  Joe's a good teacher.

So now I need to go and get ready to take the car over to the garage and see if they can fit me in today.  Hope I can make it through the day.



  1. Bless your heart (yes, that is my good old southern term), I hate it that you are in such pain and have to wait and wait. Surely you will hear from the doctor today and he can give you answers and some type of relief. I love our Wed. nights at church too. Our Pastor is beginning a serious on the End Times. Hope your day turns out good.

    1. I am teaching the book of Daniel in Ladies' Study on Tuesdays and we are looking at end times too. It's fascinating. I hope you get as much out of it as we are.

  2. Praying you make it through the day, Kathy. That is awful to have to deal with inept people in a dr's office. xo Diana

    1. Oh how I want to tell them off. Making me wait a week for nothing and then not even letting me have the x-rays when i finally do get there. But really being nasty to them only sinks me to their level and I'm better than that.

  3. You're right not to sink to their level. I am glad the tech doing the x-rays tried to be gentle & kind. I try to be that kind of person. It is so warming how that person can change your day!
    stay positive!


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