Saturday, June 27, 2015


On Thursday Philadelphia had the priviledge of having the tall ships sail up the Delaware River and dock at the piers of Philly and Camden, NJ.  The last time they were here was 2000 so we are very excited.  I had a chance to watch them arrive so thought I would share them with you.  Sorry I can't remember all their names or where they're from.  If you compare them with the tug boats that are accompanying them, you can see how huge these ships are.

I think this is called a barque.  I think.

I remember this is a schooner.

And this is a wooden galleon called Le Galeon.  It is the only one in the world.

This is a fire boat.

This was General Patton's ship.  It's called the "When & If" because he said when and if he got home he was going to sail it.

The sky got dark and threatening.

At the end of the parade of ships was the famous rubber ducky!  Everyone was waiting to see her.  She is 61 feet tall (as tall as a six  story building) and weighs 11 tons.

The tug boats look so little.

And here is Philly's skyline.  I always think it's so pretty.
 If you want to see more photos just go to Google Images and type in Philadelphia tall ships.  Tons of photos show up.



  1. Glad you got to enjoy seeing the ships. It was quite a sight for sure. And you are right, the tug boats look soooo small compared to the ships. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. The tall ships come here every few years, too. We are right on the Great Lakes. However, the big duck is never with them. That is amazing and comical, too. Those ships are gorgeous, aren't they? xo Diana

    1. Love the ships. The duck was in Pittsburgh and I couldn't get there. Glad to see it in Philly. It's BIG!

  3. Lovely to see these ships. I think something like this is on the west coast. Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend.

  4. Kathy, I truly love to see those ships in person. Hope you are having a good weekend, xoxo,Susie

  5. I love that huge rubber ducky! Great photos, Kathy!

  6. Love those ships.Wish I could ride on one. The news said their would be rides but I have a full schedule. The galleon would be my choice....I adore the duck! She makes me smile every time I see her.Thank you for the photos.I felt like i was right there.

  7. Love Tall Ships!
    What a great celebration. Aren't they beautiful?!
    Love the Duck, too.


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