Sunday, April 14, 2013


What beautiful weather we are having today.  Last week it got up to 89* one day.  The next day it was 50*.  What's going on?  After having some cold, rainy and windy weather, it's been sunny and warm this weekend.  It's in the 60s today and I have the windows open letting some nice fresh air coming in.  I love days like this!  I am hoping my back holds out that I can plant some of the Easter flowers this afternoon.

But in the meantime, here's what's going on in the garden.

This is a purple hyacinth.  I've never seen another one like it.  It's not the deep purple (or blue) ones like you usually see, but it's not pink either.

A beautiful daffodil fully opened.

This didn't come out too well, but it's a double daffodil.  Beautiful!

The only one of my herbs to make it through the winter was the chives.  And boy did they ever come back!

The one purple tulip.  The others aren't open yet, but can't wait to see them when they do.

Pink hyacinths.

White hyacinths.

I saw these little toadstools for half price when I was at Rite Aid today.  I had to get them.  So cute!

The grape hyacinths grow wild all through the grass.

The forsythia, daffodils and my one lone purple tulip.

The hydrangea leaves are getting bigger.  Pretty soon we'll have buds and then flowers.
 As you can see we have a chain link (or cyclone) fence.  Although it makes the yard look larger, we really want to get a solid wooden fence for privacy.  Our neighbor did and we really like it.  I know just how I want it.  We just have to save up to do it.  They are expensive!


  1. oh the spring flowers and the weird weather. We've had it as well. It's warm inside but you need a coat outside. Phil mowed yesterday, the week before he couldn't because it rained most of last Sat. Read this post and the next 2....thanks for sharing photos of the library. I went out to the tulip field on Friday and of course took alot of photos of...tulips. I hope to some posted this week. Take care!

  2. Ahhhh... the aroma in your yard must be wonderful. Nothing like Spring flowers to get us excited for what's coming up.

  3. Oh my goodness kathy!! look at all your gorgeous blooms.. and that daffodil never seen anything quite like that almost looks fake.. I love it.. Have a wonderful fun blessed day!!

  4. We have a wooden privacy fence around our house. We didn't want it to be so tall so we cut the fencing boards in 1/2 which actually gave us double fencing for the price. I love it!


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