Saturday, April 27, 2013


Every three weeks I work on a Saturday and today was that week.  I rushed to get to work this morning and as I parked and got out of the car I realized that I still had the deposit with me and had never gone to the bank.  Rats!  So I went into work, let Sheila (who was librarian today) know I was there and went back to the bank.  I pass it on the way to work, so I should have remembered.

It was an easy day at work.  Everyone was laid back because "Boss" wasn't there.  Everything works so smoothly and efficiently when he's not around.

Last night I decided to have one of Joe's favorite meals for dinner -- spaghetti and meatballs.  I had everything but the sauce.  I asked Joe if he would go to 7-11 for me to get it and he said he would.  The store is only two blocks from our house.  He was a long time and I started to get worried about him.  Then I got a phone call from him asking me to come get him.  On the way over there he had fallen and hurt himself.  A man came by and helped him up.  And Joe being Joe he continued on to the store and got me the spaghetti sauce.  He didn't think he could make it home and wanted me to drive him.  It took me only a minute to get over there and get him.  He scraped up his left arm and knee and is hurting badly today.

I came home for lunch today to make sure he was OK and to make him lunch.  It was so nice that I was very tempted not to go back to work.  But you know I did.

At least I have off tomorrow.  There is always so much to do.  We are trying so hard to get this house under control and get some painting done.  I got a pale tan color that I want to try on the walls.  I'll let you know how it turns out.   


  1. No one should have to work Saturday's. It just isn't right! It's no wonder you forgot the deposit. It wasn't a "normal" workday."

    Poor Joe, I hate that he had a fall. Glad to hear he's okay and hope his scrapes and soreness heal quickly.

    Enjoy your Sunday at least!

  2. You and Joe are a great couple!
    You wanted to serve him and he wanted to serve you. That is love!

  3. Oh no!!
    I am so sorry to hear about Joe.
    Thank God he is okay. and I hope you don't have many Saturdays to work that is so wrong...
    blessings my friend.


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