Thursday, September 20, 2012


Today almost didn't happen.  Well, not the day itself.  Today would have come with or without me.  I mean going down the shore.

Joe got up to have breakfast today and had three (count them THREE) seizures in a row.  I got him to bed and then got him something to eat.  He said his head was killing him and he needed to sleep for awhile.

I really thought that was it for the day.  I was disappointed that we weren't going away.  I know that it's rather selfish of me, but I really wanted to do something this week besides clean up the house.  (Not that it didn't need it, mind you.)  And I thought I had lost $100 if we didn't show up.

But at 3:00 Joe got up from his nap, said he was feeling pretty good, and we packed up and took off at 4:30.  Unfortunately it was rush hour and we hit some pretty heavy traffic.  But when we got on the Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway we were able to make some time.  The maximum speed limit in Pennsylvania is 55 mph.  In New Jersey it's 65 mph so I really felt like I was moving right along there.  We got to Ocean City about 6:30.  Not bad.

We were hungry, so after we checked into our hotel room we went down to the boardwalk to see what was open.

You know how I love skies.  I just had to take this one.

We wanted to go to Del's, but they were closed.  We looked next door at Manco & Manco but they were so crowded we would have had quite a wait.  Neither of us had eaten since breakfast this morning.  So we kept walking and came on this pizza place named Prep's that looked interesting.  They had sandwiches too.

The place was decorated with all things Italian and was so cute.


I just got a hot dog, fries and lemonade.  Joe had a meatball parm sandwich, mozerella sticks and a diet Pepsi.  It was nothing to write home about, but it was all right.  We were hungry so we ate it.

Afterwards we took a slow walk back to the hotel.  I took some pictures of the boardwalk at night.

We could hear the waves crashing, but it was so dark you couldn't see the ocean.  I took a picture to show you just how dark it was.

The Polish water ice place was open, but I was too full to get any.  Joe got a mango  It looked good. I will have to get some tomorrow.
 Joe forgot to bring his hat with him.  He was looking at some in one of the stores.  I spotted one I liked and he bought it for me.  I think it's cute.

Now we are back at the hotel watching the Phillies/Mets game.  The Phillies just won 16-1!  Whoo hoo!  Go Phillies!!!

I'm really tired so I think this will be an "early to bed" night.  I want to get up early enough to get to the beach in the morning before we have to check out.  Until later, folks.


  1. Sorry to hear Joe had three seizures, but glad he is feeling better.

    So nice you guys ended up going and getting there before too late.

    I hope you have a great time!

  2. I'm glad that despite the seizures Joe felt well enough to go. Hope the next day is better!
    The pirate ship looks really sinister....You were is dark!Can't wait for the rest of the pix I know you took.

  3. Whew! You made to the shore!
    You two look so cute.


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