Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's not completely finished, but almost.  So I thought I'd share the pictures I have.  Everyone likes to see someone else's kitchen, don't they?  When we renovated the kitchen I picked out all the finishes and colors.  I just love it.

Here is my clean table and the autumn swag I got to hang on the windows.  The table always gets messed up so fast.  I have to clean it off again tomorrow.  The picture between the windows says "Live Simply".  I got it in Lancaster County.  It reminds me to do just that.

The cleaned off counter.  I used to have a large lazy susan on it that took up so much room.  It broke after using it for 10 years and I was just as happy because I have so much more room now.

I made one end of the counter a little beverage area.  It has my Keurig, the electric tea kettle, and my K cups.  The mugs are off to the left.

Here are the mugs behind the kitchen sink.  I have a corner sink which I hate.  When we redid the kitchen I asked to NOT have the sink there, but no one would listen to me.  Well, it's OK.  I have my trays and cutting boards on one side and vinegars on the other.  Don't know if you can see it, but my paper towel holder is a little cat.

My apple fruit bowl has finally found a home after floating around the kitchen and being stored in different places.  It is LARGE and it's hard to find a place big enough for it.

I even have an autumn apron.  Above it is a potholder that my mom made.  It matches the apron even though I bought the apron years after my mom died.  The lamp on the table was my mom's too.  She had it on her kitchen table.  It reminds me of her and I like using it.
 So that's it so far.  Still need to straighten my pantry, clean up the microwave and bread box and clean out the drawers and cabinets.  But it's getting there.


  1. What a warm, homey kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! How cool that you found a pot holder to match the apron.I love when things like that happen.
    Your organizing has come a long way.It looks really homey & welcoming.May I drop in for a spot of tea? ha ha

  3. The kitchen looks good. I like the fall decorations.

  4. Love the Fall cute and festive!

    That's nice you have your Mom's lamp. And I like the potholder.

    Yes, I too think it's fun to see other peoples homes, etc. Fun to get to see and also get ideas from too!

    Hope the rest of your weekend goes great! :)


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