Saturday, September 22, 2012


We are safely home again.  It was a really short vacation, but worth every minute.  I got up early this morning and went to the beach to take some sunrise pictures.

Joe was still asleep and I was a little hesitant about going out by myself, but when I got down there other people were on the boardwalk and there were people taking pictures and fishing on the beach.

I stayed out about a half hour.  I had just a tee shirt and capris on.  I didn't realize it would be so cold.  I mean COLD!  My fingers started turning blue.

It was getting lighter and lighter.  It was looking really pretty and I was getting some great shots when my batteries died.  So I took that as a sign to head back to the hotel.  I was freezing and glad to go back.

When I got back Joe was awake and we decided to have breakfast at the hotel's restaurant.

Then we went back to the room and got ready for the day.  It was still really early.  There was a great courtyard right outside our room.  The plantings were really nice.  We had time to just sit out at one of the tables for awhile.  They had piped in music and a lot of people were there just enjoying the nice day.

You can just see Joe in the last picture behind the tree.  He was getting our luggage and packing up the car because it was time for us to check out.

We went back to the boardwalk.  I wanted to go on the beach again and walk in the water.  Joe didn't.  He was running a fever again.  So he sat on a bench and I went down on the beach.  The tide was so much higher than it had been at sunrise.  And the waves were pretty large.  But I walked into the water and let it get up around my ankles.  Even that little way I felt like I was going to get pulled out into the ocean.  The current was REALLY strong.

Afterwards I looked down at my feet and saw that the sand had "painted" my toenails.  It was so funny.

There were lots of tee shirt shops.  I loved this one.  It was so funny I had to take a picture of it.

While we were sitting on one of the benches along the boardwalk we saw this truck come by with these plants on.  The guy would stop the truck, get off and throw bundles of the plants on the boardwalk and then drive a little further on and repeat the process.  We thought maybe it was beach grass that they were planting for the erosion problem.  We just couldn't figure it out.

Later we saw this is what they did with them.  They will yellow as they age and look nice for the autumn.

Joe wanted to eat a "misteak" at Del's.  Every time we are in Ocean City he gets one.  It is a cheesesteak with fried onions and sweet peppers.  He loves them.  Del's was supposed to open at 11:30.  We were there 11:45 and they were still closed.  He looked in the window and then knocked on the door.  The guy in there said they were running late and would open in about 15 minutes.  Joe said he'd wait.  And he did.  He REALLY wanted that steak!

It had warmed up and was a beautiful day.  So nice to be out in the fresh air.  And yes, Christine, I took deep breaths of that nice salt sea breeze.  If you don't understand that last sentence, see the comments on my last post. ;-)  The water was so pretty sparkling in the sun.

See the sailboat in the last picture?  That was kind of neat to see.

The seagulls at the shore are fearless.  They just sort of dive at you whether you have food or not.  This one guy even landed on my head and then took off again.  I had to get a shot of the culprit.  Here he (or she) is on top of a building.

The last place we went was to Fudge Kitchen.  I got fudge and Joe got a pound of sugar free chocolates.  He couldn't decide what he wanted, so I told him to mix them up.  He got chocolate covered raisins, coconut, almond bark and pretzels.

By this time it was 1:00 and we decided to go home to try to avoid rush hour.  But we got lost and ended up in the beginning of it anyway.

Tonight we went out to dinner with our friends Walt and Carole to the Country Club.  I finally got my fried chicken that I've been wanting for a couple of weeks.  I just cannot make good fried chicken.  I've tried.  I've really, really tried and it just doesn't work.  So this was nice.  I even had some left over to bring home.

Now it is time for bed.  I am so very tired.  Hope you enjoyed joining me on my beach adventure.

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  1. So happy that you got to spend some time walking and enjoying the shore.
    Happy Anniversayr!

    (Ahhh, you are so sweet!I'm sure the smell was wonderful.)


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