Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 Hello, friends.  I'm back to tell you about our last day in Wildwood, NJ.  At least today was bright sun.  We need the rain so badly.  In Philadelphia we have had 1/4 inch this entire month.  But when you are driving a couple of hours to go home, sun is appreciated.

We got up, packed up, and turned in the key.  Sort of sad.  I would have liked one more day.  But on the other hand I was anxious to get home and see Mr. Jack.

We decided to go to Uncle Bill's again for breakfast. 

I appreciated that there was a parking lot for the place, but the door was around the corner and down the block.  It was quite a walk to get to it.  Oh how I wish I could still walk well.

We both got the Wildwood special for breakfast.  Joe had scrambled eggs and scrapple, and I had poached eggs and sausage.  We had the same waitress we had before and she remembered us.  The meal came with toast.  I didn't want mine, so Joe got four slices of buttered toast with his breakfast.

After we ate we headed back to Cape Community Church to return the wheelchair.  While we were there we hit the bathrooms and then I got behind the wheel to drive home.

One of the last pictures I took was of the Sinclair gas station.  They are few and far between these days  I've seen only one other and that is near my sister's house.  I remember them sponsoring "The Flintstones" when I was little.

I drove the entire way home and it was not an easy drive.  In retrospect, we should have stopped at the halfway point (the Farley Rest Stop) again, but I drove straight through.  When we got home I could hardly walk.

But all in all we had a wonderful trip.  I hope we can do this again next year.  But at another beach.  I am thinking of where we went 13 years ago when Joe's son and his family visited from Tennesse.  We stayed in a hotel in North Wildwood that was right on the boardwalk.  An easy walk to the beach.  Lots of stores at our doorstep.  Yep, I think that is going to be Joe's birthday gift next year.

Here it is the end of May already.  Another year flying by.  But it's been a good year so far.  And I am hoping lots more wonderful things to come.

See you next time,



  1. Yes, I remember the Sinclair dino! What a cute photo of Mr Jack.
    It sounds like you both had a great time away. I'd definitely make plans to go again!

  2. Good memory of the Sinclair dino gas station. I'm glad you had a safe trip home. We usually stop at a rest area as well. I was thinking about going to Kentucky to see the Ark this fall but not going due to lack of money to do it per our thoughts. Mr. Jack looks cozy.

  3. I'm glad you got to take this trip and make some good memories. I love that Sinclair neat!

  4. Sounds like a really wonderful, memorable trip. So glad you could go. I think it will be great to go back again next year. I bed Mr. Jack was glad to have you back home. I hope your week is going well. See you again soon!


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