Friday, June 2, 2023



Hello, friends!  It is hard to believe that almost a week has passed since Memorial Day.  I had such a good time that day.

As usual the day began with the neighborhood parade.  When I say that, it seems like it will be a little thing.  But it is the biggest Memorial Day parade in the city.  It lasted about two hours.  I love that they have so many string bands in the parade.  And I get a front row seat!  I always enjoy the Civil War reenactors too.  Only one lady was marching this year.

I always jump when they fire the rifles in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Society.  Joe belongs to it and I was sitting right in front of the building.  Suddenly I saw a bunch of rifles being aimed pretty close to me.  I got up quickly and moved.  Yes, they are blanks, but I'm not taking any chances!

This is a picture of the group from the Vietnam Vets getting on a truck to be driven to the start of the parade.  They are all such great guys.

This beautiful wreath was placed on the memorial outside of the building.  It is a memorial to those who could not come home.

This is a boy scout group that was marching.

I will be putting up a video on all of this next Friday on my YouTube channel and give you a link.

One of the guys named Tom looks like Santa Claus.  No really.  He really does.  And he plays it up, too.  All the kids were coming up to him and asking him if he was really Santa.  He would say, "Yes.  And I see that you are being good."  Then he would talk to them awhile.  Some kids were frightened and ran away, but lots of others just wanted to tell him everything!  He even introduced himself to me as the real Santa Claus.  I'm a believer!

After the parade I went back home and put my feet up.  My legs were swollen and I needed to take a break.  I was getting really red sitting in the sun.  I had a hat on so at least my face wasn't too bad.  And I didn't burn, but I have a lovely tan.

A few hours later Joe walks in the door with a plate of food for me.  They were barbecuing at the Vets (they are across the street from our house).  The guys told him to give me lunch.  He brought me a hamburger, macaroni salad (the best I have ever had!), and potato chips.  Everything was so good.

I  didn't go across the street for the laying of the wreath either.  But I did stand at the door and watch it from home.  It's always a somber moment.

I laid down again and took a nap.  When I woke up Joe was handing me a hotdog and told me this was the end of the food for the day.  Again he was told to take it to his wife!  Those guys look out for me.

So that's it for today.  I will try to get something to you next week even if it is just a short little something.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Sounds like a very nice Memorial Day. So glad that Joe and his Vietnam Vet friends took care of you with Memorial Day food! Thanks for sharing your day! See you again soon!

  2. What a nice parade! Heartwarming to hear how Joe & the Veterans took care of seeing you had food. Sounds delicious. I'm glad to hear that you didn't get sunburned. I usually do! Glad to hear you had a great day!

  3. The parade seemed like it was much larger than the one here in Nashua, NH, and it's good that many people attended both. It was very sweet of Joe and his veteran friends to think of you and have him bring you food. Hope your legs are feeling better with some rest, Kathy.

  4. There's no memorial day parade in our area. I didn't do anything but stay home, as I am not working for awhile. I remember a man who placed at order that I took at Panera and his name was Santa Claus. He actually is a Santa Claus. I guess there was no celebration at a cemetery I at times go to. Interesting why they don't do it anymore. I hope to go out on a short walk Phil this afternoon. I haven't been outdoors very often, which I should do to get myself back into life.
    I am glad Joe was able to get food for you and hopefully your legs will heal. Hugs and prayers, Becky

  5. I'm glad to hear that Joe and his vet friends were watching out for you on Memorial Day Kathy!

  6. Please tell Joe thank you for his service. My brothers served during Viet Nam. My brother Greg in the Marines in Nam and my brother Phil in Thailand. Scary time for us as a family. Thankfully both came home safe and have led a wonderful life. Unfortunately Greg passed away 2yrs ago this June. Sure miss him. It looked like you had a great day and how nice of the veterans to make sure you were taken care of with some yummy food! Have a good week Kathy!


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