Monday, October 4, 2021


 Hello, friends, and welcome to the beginning of my very busy week.  Yesterday was Harvest Day at church.  Our annual fall picnic.  You have seen past Harvest Days on this blog.  Some elaborate and large, some tiny and not so great.  This was a good one.

We held the day inside.  And later in the year than we usually do.  It's usually held in September and out in the parking lot where we can invite people that walk by to join us.  But there was a reason for the change this year.  In two weeks our pastor turns 65 and we had a surprise party for him.  By calling it Harvest Day he had no idea that it was for him.

The sandwiches were supplied but everyone brought a salad or beverage.  Someone brought chips and a nacho dip.  One lady brought breaded and baked swai fish.  There was so much food!  And lots of potato and macaroni salad.  Which was good because each one was different.

There wasn't much I could eat with my swollen mouth.  Mostly I was able to get the macaroni salad down.  Some potato salad although the chunks of potato was hard to do and painful to chew.

I usually take lots of pictures, but this year I didn't.  I did make a YouTube video which I will be posting on Wednesday so those of you who watch me there be looking for that.  Even that is very short.  The only photos I took were of the cake.  That is Pastor's wife holding the cake.

The only excuse I have is I was talking to people that I rarely see (visitors) and everything was happening so fast.

Today is the beginning of our denomination's Annual Conference.  That is usually a wonderful time, but Joe usually gets sick.  Sure enough, he woke up today with a sore throat.  Ugh!  The theme this year is the seven churches of Revelation.  Seven of our "new" pastors are going to be preaching on one church each.  (One year it was one verse and seven different pastors preached on the same verse giving us seven different sermons.  And anyone who says that the Word of God isn't a living document doesn't know what they are talking about.)  I am looking forward to the messages and the prayer time.  The prayer is tremendous!  And to seeing my friends who are all pastors' wives.  Since Joe preaches at times I feel as if I am a pastor's wife although he is only an Elder.

On Friday my nephew is getting married out of town and we are going to that too.  I am very busy!  But don't worry, you are coming along.  

Since this blog is private and I only allow people I trust to read it, I will take you along in real time.  The vlog will be delayed.  I don't want to advertise "Hey, come rob the house!  No one is home!"

Jack's cat sitter is coming so he won't be alone.  He loves his "Aunt Carole" because she plays with him.  I think Joe and I are rather boring by comparison.

I have to run now.  I have a lot to do before we leave.  See you all tomorrow.  I hope.  If I have internet access.



  1. Sorry to hear Joe isn't feeling well. Hope he feels better soon. I also enjoyed talking to people I don't get to see. The variety of food was delicious! Interesting ways to make macaroni salad....Praying for safe travel for you & Joe.

  2. I am late in reading this post, but what a wonderful and unexpected surprise for your pastor. Sorry to read that you are still unable to enjoy food because of your sore mouth, Kathy.


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