Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Hello, friends!  Hope you are all having a great week.  I wish I could write more often but...  I lead such a boring life.  Especially lately.  It is so hard to think of something to write about.

Yesterday I took Joe to get his second Covid-19 shot.  I was not allowed into the hospital, so I sat in the car in the parking lot and read a new book that I bought.  I got a quarter of the way through it.  It is a fast read, so I know I will finish it soon and then do a post on that.

Last night Joe started to feel sick and he has been in bed most of today.  I have been giving him chicken soup and easy to eat things.  Tonight I felt like having Chinese food and so called out.  I got soup for him, but he wanted to eat chicken and vegetables, so that was good.  Yesterday and earlier today he had no appetite at all.  Right after dinner he went to bed again.  That is probably the best place for him at this point.  He was told he might feel badly for two to five days but that was just his body fighting off the shot and this was a good thing.

The only other thing I've been doing is laundry and cleaning the house.  And sleeping.  Lots of sleeping.  I told you it's boring.

So today I thought I would show you the amaryllis I got for Christmas.  I planted it the beginning of the year and it has just last week stopped blooming.

In just two days after planting it, it looked like this.  So exciting.

It got bigger.

And bigger.

The bud was still tightly closed, though.

A few days later it started to open.  The flower looked like it was a pretty light pink.

But the more it opened, the darker the flower looked.

The next day it began to open more.  This was the flower on the morning of February 1st.

And here it is in the afternoon.

The next morning it was fully open.  How pretty!  You can just see a second bud behind it.

Here's a better picture of the flower and the bud.

A few days later there were two flowers.

Two flowers and another bud.

The third bud got bigger and bigger.  And a fourth little bud appeared.

And now the third bud started opening up.

And there were four flowers now.

I know amaryllis plants usually have four flowers.  Imagine my surprise when another two buds appeared as the first flowers were dying off.

The flowers were so gorgeous with their dark red petals and the white star pattern.

This is a picture of the third flower that appeared.

This picture shows flowers one and two that are wilting and almost dead.  Flowers three and four are blooming.  Flowers five and six are still buds.  The whole lifespan in one shot.

A closeup of bud five.

And bud six.

Flowers one and two are gone.  Flowers three and four are just about done for.  And flowers five and six are almost open.

Flower five is fully open.

And so is flower six.

It was so nice seeing flowers blooming in the middle of winter.  Especially with all of the snow we have been having.  In just about a month I will be able to go outside and plant some beautiful flowers in the yard.  But this was nice.

Hope you have a good evening.  I will be posting Joe's message from Sunday below if you want to listen to it.  See you soon



  1. Hi Kathy. So glad Joe goe his second vaccine. Charly is getting his first vaccine this coming Tuesday. I felt kind of rough for a couple of days after my second shot. Have got your vaccine yet? Your Amaryllis is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope Joe feels better soon. 🙏💜 your amaryliss flowers are pretty. My mom enjoyed those too. My roses are still good that Phil got me 2 weeks ago. Some need tossed and water changed. Tomorrow. I'm really tired. Woke up early. Bleah. Going to bed ASAP.

  3. Beautiful amaryllis! Something pretty to look forward to each day.
    Hopefully, Joe feels well soon. Have you had your vaccination yet?
    I love the cleaning & straightening blogs too. Keep up the good work.
    Some day we’ll sit and knit together again! 😊

  4. Hope Joe feels much better soon. I do like the photo of the whole
    life cycle in one picture! That's kinda cool.

  5. Hi Kathy,
    Very interesting pictures of your amaryllis. I liked how you filmed the progression. Such a beautiful growing flower.

  6. Hope Joe is better from that vaccine.
    The flowers are beautiful and it is fun to watch them bloom.

  7. Oh it’s just wonderful the way the amaryllis just keeps on giving, yours is beautiful! Best wishes to joe to feel better soon, This post didn’t come up on my blog reader, I was wondering if you were ok because I didn’t see a new post. Now I know to go visit to check 👍❤️

  8. That amaryllis is amazingly beautiful and so full of blooms! Extra special!

    Hope Joe has recovered from his shot by now and that you're both feeling better. Are you ready for spring? We have had so many wet, gray days this winter. I am feeling the need for sunny days and color! Then I think we'll all feel better!

  9. I love the series of photos of your Amaryllis. It looks like one I had several years ago, I think it was called a Razzle Dazzle.


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