Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 Hello, friends!  Happy Tuesday.  I wanted to give you a Monday Magazine yesterday but...  my camera battery died while I was taping the service on Sunday and I still haven't charged it.  I had a very lazy day yesterday where I did nothing.  Every once in awhile that happens.

While reading facebook yesterday I saw a notice that the mother of Joe's best friend had passed away and the funeral was this morning.  But it was the same time as my Bible Study.  I spoke with Pastor and he offered to pick up Debbie (who I give a ride to each week) and start the study until I showed up.  That was so nice of him!

Joe and Rich talked for about 1/2 hour.  It has been 2 years since they saw each other so that was good.  I sat and talked with Rich's sister-in-law from California.  She was so sweet.

We got to study just 20 minutes late and Joe had to stay and study with the ladies.  But he said I did a good job and since he is my Elder as well as my husband that was nice to hear.  We almost finished chapter 2 of Titus and will definitely finish up next week.  We plan to take our winter break in three weeks, so I am trying to move it right along.  Not being able to meet most of the year because of COVID-19 has really set me back on what I wanted to accomplish.  But it's more important to know what we are studying than to rush through.

So many helicopters are flying overhead.  There is major looting and rioting in the city tonight right near where I live. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about it.  Businesses are being broken into, things stolen and then set on fire.  We are staying in and everything is locked up so we are safe.  But please pray for our city.  So many people that need to know Jesus.  So sad.

I want to work in the yard tomorrow.  The tomato plants need to be pulled up and the bird feeder uncovered from the morning glory vines so that we can feed the birds this winter.  So much to do.  Hopefully I will have the energy to get something done.

And then I need to attack the living room.  And get caught up with dishes and wash.  Does housework ever get done?

It has gotten cold so I had Joe turn on the fireplace stove before he went to bed.  I will stay up just a bit longer before joining him.  Hope you are staying warm and enjoying these last days of October.  2020 is quickly coming to a close.  And what a year it has been!

Until later...



  1. Kathy, you are so right. So many people need to know Jesus. My main prayer is that we will have a major revival in our country, hearts will be softened, and Christians will take every opportunity to witness and evangelize. I'm praying for safety for you and your hubby, and for peace in your city.
    We had a cold snap last night but only down to 34 degrees. The days will be back in the high 70's and lows in the 50's so I'm leaving my tomatoes in the ground. There have been some years we pick ripe ones up until January.
    Your blog is always a pleasure to read and uplifting. Patty McDonald

  2. I do not understand the looting & burning. It solves nothing.So sad..It was a good Bible study & I always learn something. I don't mind laundry and dishes? I use paper plates occasionally.That usually helps.
    Stay safe,Kathy!

  3. Hi Kathy, I didn't hear about the looting and rioting in Philadelphia but I'll search the internet to find it. I need to pull my tomato plants up today or tomorrow too as we had early snowfall and it is still covering most of my front and back yards. Warmer weather forecast for the week and into next week so I'm looking forward to that:) You stay safe now!

  4. Our world is in a mess, isn't it? I suppose we should not be surprised. So incredibly thankful that our hope is in Christ!!

    Yes, it does seem like there is always more to do than time and energy to do it! We just have to keep chipping away at it. (Speaking to myself here!)

  5. I had not heard about the rioting in your area. I pray that you stay safe from the violence. As for the housework, no, it does not ever get all done. At least not for me. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. The minute I first heard of what is going on in Philadelphia, I thought of you and Joe and prayed for you and your church family. Ongoing prayers for your corner and community.

    It was so good of you to attend a friend's mother's funeral. People need love and support at such times.

    That's the trouble with housework...it never ends. 🥴

  7. Cool/cold weather does sneak upon us doesnt it? There isnt much looting or rioting but lots of walks protesting this or that. Hope you have a nice Wednesday...feel good.

  8. It just breaks my heart to see the damage being done. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves. I hope you can stay home for a few days. I know how proud you are of your city and it's SUCH a beautiful city! I'm keeping you and everyone in my prayers. Hugs, Diane

  9. Hi Kathy, Yes, what is happening in beautiful Philadelphia is truly heart- breaking. As you you know, I have a very special space in my heart for Philly and will pray for God's peace to descend on the city and its people. Sending you virtual hugs from Utah. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. :-)

  10. Oh my. What a year this has been!


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