Wednesday, August 26, 2020

WHAT I'M READING -- HELLO SUMMER by Mary Kay Andrews (2020/4)

Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a great day.  Yesterday I went to the new surgeon.  I liked her a lot!  I will be telling you all about it tomorrow, but let me say the news is good.

Instead today I want to tell you about the latest book I read.  It is "Hello Summer" by one of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews.   I have read so many of her books and have loved every one of them.  This is her newest one.  I read it on the Kindle and basically that is why it took me so long to complete it.  If my tablet or phone was out of power, I couldn't read it.  In spite of this, I still love my Kindle,

Mary Kay Andrews can't write a bad book.  It is so good I didn't want to put it down.  She writes with Southern sass and she always has a murder in her stories.  You have to do some detective work.

This story is about a family that owns a newspaper in a small town on the panhandle of Florida.  Conley, the main character, had wanted something more.  So she moved to Atlanta and was working for a major newspaper there.  The book begins with her goodbye party in Atlanta because she had gotten a great job in Washington, DC.  In the middle of her party, she finds the newspaper she was going to work for has gone bankrupt and she no longer has a job  So since she has given up her job and apartment, she heads to the only place she can think of to go -- home to Florida.

Conley's sister, Grayson, is running the family newspaper. so their grandmother (the family matriarch and owner) forces Conley to become a reporter for the struggling paper.

Right after she gets to town, Conley witnesses a car accident that kills a senator from Florida.  So the book revolves around her investigative reporting skills.  She tries to figure out if it was really an accident or if someone tried to kill the Senator who had a lot of family secrets.  Because of all this work she is doing, she brings the family newspaper back to life and at the same time falls back in love with her high school sweetheart.  But this is more than just a romance.  Or a mystery.  Oh my, the ending!

It is such a good book.  I didn't figure out who did it either.  I like books like that where I think through the entire thing trying to put it together.

If you can read only one book in the next few months, then this is the one to read.  There's so much more to the story than I could tell you in this blog.  And I don't want to ruin it for you either.  I can't imagine you would not enjoy this book.

Now that I have you all intrigued, I am going to run off and try to get some things done today.  No doctor appointments, but some errands to run later.  And lots of cleaning.  Always lots of cleaning.

See you back here soon.



  1. The book sounds really good! I like the idea of a bit of everything in the story.
    Can't wait to hear about the new doctor. Love the coffee photo at the end.

  2. Hi Kathy, There is always some housework that can or needs to be done. But sometimes, I tire of that, don't you? LOL Glad you like your new dr. Waiting for your good news. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I'm glad that your doctor's news was good. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Well you made me want to read the book, even though that's not my favorite genre. ☺️

    Yay for good news from the surgeon whom you really like!

  5. I never read any books from that author so I looked them up on my library app. Yes, there are several available but only one was not a hold! The one you mentioned I placed a hold on it and will be over 6 months till I get it! Wow. I have two other books on hold too. Really enjoying that app. I read on my phone with it. I also borrowed the only one that wasn't a hold called, the fixer upper. Thanks for the recommendation!


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