Tuesday, August 25, 2020



Hello, friends.  It's a beautiful morning here in Philly.  Hope it is where you are too.

I finally got out in the garden yesterday.  It is in bad shape.  I hope I can get it cleaned up before Fall comes.  There is a lot to do.  Here is one side of the yard.

And here's the other side.

I can work only 15-20 minutes at a time before the pain in my legs and back gets too much to bear.  So it will be a little at a time.  But...  look how much I got done!  I decided to begin by unearthing my lilac bush and one rosebush.  Here is the before covered with morning glories.

And here it is after 20 minutes of hard work.  (And I do mean hard.  Bleeding hands and tons of mosquito bites to show for it.)

What a difference!  It's only a little bit, but if I go out every clear day for 15 minutes, it will get done.  After I finish with the yard, I will work on the patio.  I am looking for cute fall items to put out there.

My next-door neighbor has been coming over daily and watering my tomato plants with Miracle-Gro.  His veggies are doing so well and he wanted to share the wealth.  Such nice neighbors!  When I went out he was there watering them and told me to take a look.  Here was a surprise for me.

These are close-up photos, and they aren't very big, but hurray!  I will probably have three or four tomatoes by the end of September.  We have such warm September days that they have plenty of time to ripen.

That's it for today.  I am on my way to see the surgeon this morning.  My oncologist (the one retiring) called me yesterday morning and told me to not worry about things, that it looked OK to him but better to get checked out.  That made me feel better.  Hope the surgeon feels the same way.  I am not looking forward to that long walk from the parking lot to the hospital's front door.  It's uphill and does me in.  Oh how I miss valet parking!

I'll end with a photo I forgot to show you the other day.  Look at these ominous clouds over the houses across the street!  We are supposed to have the end of one of the hurricanes tomorrow.  I have a feeling I will see an even darker sky then.

Have a good day, everyone and I will be back soon.



  1. I know what it's like to only be able to work outside a few minutes at a time before the pain sets in but as they say, slow and steady wins the race. You did good!!.I hope everything goes well with the surgeon!... I know they stopped valet parking in some places but like here in SC our hospitals have a man driving around in a 4 seater covered golf cart.. Would be nice if they would get something like that where you are..

  2. Wow you are doing a great job! I was really surprised that that rosebush was under the morning glory. One word of warning about Miracle Grow. I love the stuff and use it often; however, it does attract white fly and they can take a healthy plant down in 24 hours or less. My beautiful flowering hanging plant was very nearly wiped out. Just be watchful and have some spray to use on them, if they show up. Ask your neighbor, he'll know.

    Praying for another good report from the surgeon. I know, we all miss a lot of things. I pray that, one day soon, they'll be restored.

    I found some sweet autumn things at the dollar tree. I only purchased one and it makes me grin to see it. Cheap is apparently my thing.

    What a darling cottage! So cute outside that it makes me want a tour inside. ☺️

  3. You really did a lot of yard work. Love the pictures of your tomatoes. Nothing like vine grown. I have a 6 month follow up at the doctor...everything should be good, except I've gained a few pounds...too much baking..haha

  4. I've been tackling my flower beds and I'm slowly making progress. I wish we had some rain clouds. It's been a dry summer so far so I'm hoping for a little of the hurricane rain to come up North! I hope your appointment goes well. Take care!

  5. Hi Kathy - you have been working hard and it shows! I love those tomatoes! You will enjoy them. So nice of your neighbor to put miracle grow on your plants. I am glad you weather has cooled down some. I love the cloud picture. We had a little rain here today, and it was so nice! I hope your doctors have good news for you. I will look forward to stopping by for another visit again soon.

  6. What a nice improvement. Well done!

  7. All your hard work paid off! Looks really good.


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