Saturday, August 1, 2020


And here it is the first day of August.  I just heard on the news tonight that the days are getting shorter with the sun setting around 7:30 p.m. instead of 8:30 p.m. as it did in June.  Ah, the seasons are changing.  But we still have another month of beautiful warm weather and sunny days to enjoy.

Today was another day where I didn't get much done.  I haven't been feeling all that well and am wondering if I should go to church tomorrow or not.  I will have to see how I feel in the morning.  I have to at least take the bulletins over and drop them off.

Despite having to stay in, the Fourth of July was very nice.  From picnic food to fireworks, it was a nice day.

I got my monthly food shopping done and actually just had a few things to pick up at the corner stores during the month.

I got a lot of my kitchen cleaned and am still working on that.

Our ministry associate, Rick, left to go back home to the Pocono Mountains.  This is the second week without him and we really miss him.  He is well loved by us all.  We gave him a little luncheon before he left.

My garden looked good when I showed you pictures, but it is in sad shape now.  The hot weather has done a number on it.  We are supposed to have several storms this week and I hope that will help things to revive.  I have to go out and cut the grass one day this week too.

The most fun part of this month, though, was last Sunday's cookout at my sister Elaine's house.

And the great day we had in Lancaster County, PA.

And that brings you up to date.

Here is the picture on my calendar for this month.  It is of the Chicago Botanical Garden.  So pretty.

The flower of the month is a golden dahlia.

My temperature blanket is up to date.  I just finished July today.  You can see there is a lot of red in it for the three heat waves we have had.

Here is a closeup of the month of July.

And that is it for this month.  Be sure to come back this week for some interesting things I have planned.

Until later...


  1. Hi Kathy ~ Thanks for your visits to my blog. I always enjoy your comments. I just loved your blog today. So many happy faces and good times. I'm glad some of us are not letting what's going on around us effect our JOY and love of life. You picnic lunch looks so yummy. I haven't made deviled eggs for a while, but made a new egg salad using JoAnna from Magnolia magazine, using grated carrots and green onions and gourmet mustard. Had a nice touch to it.

  2. Love all your photos! A really handsome one of Ace! The bonnet at the top of your blog reminded me of yours----then there you are wearing it! So cute!I'm just hoping the rain cools things off a bit. Thank you for sharing your July!

  3. Enjoyed seeing all your photos. Sorry you arent feeling very well and hope you are able to go to church. Take care of you. Blessings

  4. Fun times with family! Yes, the heat. If I were making that afghan July would be solid red, I think. It really did fry my garden. The peppers are really the only thing hanging on and doing fairly well. The tomatoes are tall and rangy and the fruits are falling off before they are ripe and there just aren't that many of them. It wasn't a good garden year at all. That dahlia is gorgeous...looks like an August afternoon...all sunny and golden. Have a blessed day!

  5. I'll be glad when the heat wave is over here. Of course, that leads to the cold weather. Yuk! We just can't win. Hopefully, your garden will come back with the cooler temps and some rain. Don't overdo. Take care of you and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. You did have a good month. Hope that you have more chances to spend time with Elaine before summer ends in two months. All those Texans are already praying for fall. I like your comment about more warm summer days to come. My garden hit a slump when white fly arrived. What a nightmare!

  7. July was a good month for you! I love that temperature blanket. I may try something like that. You sure do look like your sisters. See you again soon. Get feeling better.

  8. July was a good month for you! I love that temperature blanket. I may try something like that. You sure do look like your sisters. See you again soon. Get feeling better.

  9. HI Kathy,
    I can't believe it's August already.. We have a few more months of hot weather here in SC to go and to be honest I can't wait for the cooler weather to start rolling in here and there.. We start heating up in May and don't really cool down until almost the end of october. Makes for a very long, hot summer but, the gardening season is longer so I guess I have to take the good with the bad. Love all the photos you shared.. I hope you're feeling better today! xo

  10. Hi Kathy, I see that you have been in Lancaster County. Every time I see your pictures of it, I always get homesick to see it again. You are so blessed to live so close that you can visit. I enjoyed all the pictures of your sister too. You two have so much fun together.

  11. Always fun to look back to see what you were up to. It certainly was a hot July just as your blanket shows! So happy you could celebrate with your sister and get to Lancaster County for a day. Someday we will get together when you come.
    Hope you are feeling better. It rained here this evening and are expecting more. At least today wasn't crazy hot. Take care!


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