Saturday, August 8, 2020


 Hello, friends.  You haven't heard from me this week because there isn't much going on.  I haven't even been cleaning.  Just doing a lot of sleeping.  And I guess I needed it.

Well, there was one interesting day.  On Wednesday I decided to call my doctors to see when my appointments were.  I am one of those who can never find those little appointment cards they give you and I had neglected to write them down.  I called my cardiologist and said I thought I had an appointment in September.  The receptionist told me it was October and gave me the date.  OK.  That's good.  Into my calendar it went.  (I would be lost without that book.)  Then I called my oncologist.  The lady on the phone said, "Well, actually it's today at 1:15.  Can you make it?"  Absolutely!  So I canceled my food shopping date with my friend, Donna, ran to the shower and got dressed and hurried to get to the hospital on time.

It is interesting going into the hospital now.  They greet you at the door with a clean mask.  You have to take yours off and throw it away (unless it's cloth of course).  You must wear their mask in the building.  Then someone opens the door for you.  You must sanitize your hands and then talk to this sweet nurse who asks you questions about your health and takes your temperature.  All went well until I got to the nurse. (I wish I could remember her name -- she's been there a long time and I've talked with her before.)  She asked me the questions and took my temperature and then said, "You aren't supposed to be here until tomorrow."  What?  She sent me over to the desk where you pay your bill.  The girl there confirmed that my appointment was the next day.  In fact, my doctor wasn't even in the office that day.  I told the two ladies behind the desk what happened and they said they loved the lady I talked to on the phone, but she was always mixing things up.  And they kept apologizing to me.  I just laughed and said that was the least of my problems and I would see them tomorrow.  What is the use of getting upset?  I worked in public service too many years to take things out on the person behind the desk unless they are really rude.

So the next day I showed up again and went through the whole routine again.  This time I got to see my doctor.  And he tells me he is retiring next month!  I have been going to him for about 25 years and he is so wonderful.  I am upset about it, but he has the right to retire.  *sigh*  And on top of that, the office is moving.  They bought a building about two miles away from where they are now.  The one good thing is that it is easier to get to than where they are now.  I was ordered some tests to be done and I am having them done quickly so my doctor can see them before he leaves.  When I go back in February, I will see the Physician Assistant and then be assigned another doctor.  There is only one doctor there that I refuse to see.  I was promised I would not get her.

We have had two more bad storms this week.  So my yard is looking much better but now everything is overgrown.  I hope to get out there tomorrow after church and at least get the grass cut.  There is a LOT of work to do out there.  It will take me several weeks to get it looking good again.  I am having a lot of problems with my legs and feet and it is difficult for me to stand or walk or do any cleaning or yard work.  I try to push myself on, but some days I just can't.

Yesterday Joe, Dona and I went food shopping.  We were out of almost everything.  Dinners were getting creative.  I was having a hard time of it and when we came out I discovered we had been in there for 2 hours!  No wonder I was in so much pain.  We dropped Donna off and then came home.  Then we had to unload the car.

That's when the problem came in.  The chocolate ice cream had come open, melted, and was all over everything.  Bags of groceries.  Groceries themselves.  A blanket that was in the trunk.  The trunk.  The car.  It was awful.  I got chocolate on my jeans, the street, the front step, the storm and front door...  It was bad!  My arms were brown from the ice cream.  It took another hour to put everything away and scrub all the ice cream off of things.  If I ever buy ice cream again, it is getting it's own bag, wrapped around it, and then put into a second bag.  What a mess!  With all of that going on there was no way I could photograph the groceries, so there is no post on that.

Today I have watched three Hallmark movies.  I'm trying to catch up on those I recorded.  I have so much recorded that it will take me a long time to watch everything.

I have to get off of here and print out the church bulletin for tomorrow and then go to bed.  I am tired and I haven't even done anything.  Hope you all have a good night.



  1. I'm exhausted from following you around today. Wow...You have great endurance. Oh my, the chocolate ice cream story...Yikes. what a mess. Years ago, before plastic bottle for apple juice, I had a glass one break in my trunk. Cleaned it up the best I could. For a while it smelled so apples. Then a month later, it smelled like I had a brewery in the trunk..haha

  2. You are one busy person! I feel for you about the chocolate ice cream! I've had that happen to me (though not that bad). So EVERYTHING frozen gets its own double bag. Tv dinners,ice cream,all of it! I absolutely love the ending photo. Snoopy & Charlie going to bed...zzzzzz.

  3. Oh no! Melted chocolate ice cream. What a mess to clean up! I hope someday it will be a funny story to tell. I’m sorry you have pain. Feel better soon Kathy.

  4. I dont know how you do as much as you do...wish you could rest more but I know someone has to do the chores. It is the same here...I have trouble standing for short periods of time. If I could do it all sitting down I would be ok. Take care of yourself. The chocolate ice cream was surely a big mess to clean.

  5. I keep one of those insulated bags in the back of my car and when they pack up anything from the freezer I make sure they don't put it with canned stuff, boxed stuff, etc. As soon as I get to the car I dump it in the insulated bag. lol

    Glad you got to grocery shopping but sorry it took so long and that you were in pain doing it.

    I hope you get an oncologist you like. xo Diana

  6. Good grief! I would have been frazzled by the mistaken appointment. I agree that it doesn't help to get annoyed, but why do they continue with a person who continually makes mistakes? That is just wrong. Give her something different to do.

    Sorry about the retiring doctor. At my age, I have seen a lot of doctors retire. These days all my appointments are with physician assistants. They have caused me a lot of grief and I frankly do not trust them. Glad that you will be assigned a new doctor.

    Oh no! The clerk did not wrap the ice cream and bag it appropriately. I'm afraid that they would be getting a squeak from me as well. What a mess and I am sorry that you had to deal with that.

    Slow and steady wins the race...a bit here and a bit there and soon enough, it is done. I have to pace myself as well. It isn't easy.

    A blessed Sunday to you!

  7. Maybe get a freezer bag to put your frozen items in when you shop. Gosh, what a mess you had to clean up. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care and enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  8. I hope you will not have those problems again, your heart issues and blood pressure issues worries me..praying you get everything under control..I am talking to a professional tomorrow and happy to do diyalisis has not gone well I cry when I get home like I was watching a teary movie..It will be addressed..My strength comes from god and my hubs of 46 years, I am getting braver everyday and will survive or pass into my heavenly father, but I don't think that will happen, as I can now walk and I am getting stronger each day..I will put in a special prayer for you to be released from your tiredness etc. and your health will be so much better..God's blessings on this sunday morening!!!!!!!!

  9. We have to take an ice chest when we shop down here. What a mess you had and being tired makes it even harder. I hope you've had a good day today! Hugs!

  10. Kathy, So sad about the ice cream mess. I wipe all our groceries off when I get them in the house. I hate that your dr is retiring. I do not like that kind of change. What a crazy mix up. Seems too many people make mistakes lately. I called ted dr on our way to the clinic, because he said he never called them and they had not called him know the confirm calls. Thankful he was in the books. Blessings, stay safe,. xoxo, Susie

  11. I have alot of appointments this month,mostly medical type. I get automated phones calls for them. I got a whole list of ones this month printed out from last dr as they are all connected. I take a cooler and blue ice with me while shopping. Then I put the cold items into the cooler bag and put blue ice on top of them. Sad that you had to lose your chocolate ice cream. I did some thing yesterday and today I didn't feel great, leg wise, stayed home from church. I did go outdoors this eve and water the plants since they wer dry and I didn't water them Sat. Have a good week!

  12. Hi Kathy, What a challenging day you had with the shopping and ice cream to clean up. I have an appointment for my overdue mammogram tomorrow, like your hospital, I was told to come in the ER entrance wearing a mask and then there will be a screening. I gave up mowing the lawn last summer after no one could repair the mower, now I'm using the time to work on landscaping. Peace and blessings.

  13. Oh dear that was a mess! Glad you were able to get it cleaned up.
    Mess ups do happen with appointments. I put my appointments right into my phone calendar now (took me awhile to get used to it) while in the office and the reminder texts and calls help too.
    Take care, Kathy!

  14. Sounds like the kind of day, where you know that tomorrow will be better! You were very kind and patient with the people at the hospital, and you handled the chocolate ice problem well too. We all have those kinds of days. Hope tomorrow is better. :-)

  15. Oh Kathy, I don't know if I should laugh or cry about your chocolate ice cream?
    It was good to catch up with you. I have missed reading your blog.

  16. What a time of it you have had Kathy, so sorry to read about the appt mixups as you had to thru the screening process twice and then to find out your favorite dr is retiring. Those things would have made me want to eat that ice cream and not have to clean it up. You deserved to watch the movies. Hope the next few days don’t hold any more surprises for you.


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