Sunday, January 12, 2020


And I sure hope I am OK by Valentine's Day.  According to Snoopy here, I have 33 days to feel better.

Yes, I got sick again.  I was feeling so much better, back to myself, until Monday.  Then I felt bad again.  I ended up going to the doctor on Tuesday.  I told her I was there twice in one week because I loved her so much and she laughed.  But I did get a prescription for antibiotics and I'm feeling 100% better.  But I still didn't go to church this morning because the medicine makes me nauseous and I just couldn't sit there feeling sick.  This is the first time in years I have missed two weeks in a row.  I am going to try to go to the nursing home tomorrow and to Bible study on Wednesday.  They are short meetings and a good way to ease my way into going out again.

It was a beautiful day today.  The temperature was around 70*F (21*C).  It was so warm that I didn't need a jacket when I went outside.  I even had the front door open for awhile to let some fresh air and sunshine in.  I was enjoying it while I could because by the end of the week it is supposed to be in the 30s F (3* to -1* C).

I noticed that I never showed you what Joe got me for Christmas, so I thought I would add that to this post.

My first gift was a beautiful mini jewelry box.  It has a mirrored top and red velvet bottom.  Half is grooved to hold rings and the other half is a tray for other jewelry like necklaces and bracelets.

The outside is rosewood with butterflies all over it.  The butterflies are outlined in silver and the wings and the leaves on the vines are mother-of-pearl.

It is so beautiful!

The clasp on the side is a silver butterfly.  The sides of the box is black with more silver and mother of pearl butterflies and vines.

He also gave me a bottle of Chantilly cologne.  Chantilly is one of my two favorite perfumes.

And then he gave me a gift set of perfume sample bottles -- Chantilly, Chantilly Eau de Vie, Navy, Tabu and Tabu Rose.

And finally he got me socks.  I need socks so badly and between Joe and Elaine I got 25 pair this year.  That should hold me awhile.  My problem is I buy socks all the time and wear them once and then they disappear into the wash never to be seen again.

I didn't take pictures, but for my birthday Joe got me a bottle of Gloria Vanderbilt perfume (my very favorite) and a mug with my name and birthdate on one side along with facts about world events that year.  The other side had sports statistics from the year I was born along with the price of different things like milk and gas.  Such a cool gift.

Again, thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.  Even though I am still sick, I am getting better.  Hopefully by this time next week I will be fine.

See you all later.



  1. Hi Kathy. I have missed your blog posts. I am so glad you are starting to feel better. I hope you can get back to church next week. Like you, I do not like to miss church at all. That is such a beautiful gift that Joe gave you - such a lovely jewelry box. A favorite fragrance is always a thoughtful gift, and socks - well sometimes we need practical stuff too. I hope you continue to get better. I will look forward to seeing you again soon!

  2. What a beautiful jewelry box! Joe has such good taste. So glad you're feeling a bit better.Take it easy,a bit at a time. I pin each pair of socks together & so far haven't lost as many! lol! We enjoyed the sunshine as well & the dogs & I take a longer walk. Take care!

  3. What sweet, pretty gifts Joe gave you. Glad you are feeling some better and I pray for more improvement. Hope this new year will be good for you.

  4. My my, such beautiful gifts. Hopefully, you are going to much better really soon. Rest up and have a nice day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I’m glad that you love your doctor. Relapsing is no fun and I am praying for you to be fully restored to good health. That jewelry box is gorgeous. How nicely it will organize your treasures. Take it easy and see you soon.

  6. Glad you're feeling a bit better than last time. I hope you'll be fully better soon so that you can do what you want. That jewelery box was beautiful, what a lovely gift! 😊🎁💜

  7. It’s good to hear your feeling better,, I hope things improve daily and Joe chose wisely for your gifts! Sound wonderful!

  8. Welcome back (I"m a bit late). So happy to see you are doing better.
    I love the fact that there were prayers all around out nation for you!

    Sweet presents! You new jewelry box is really beautiful!

  9. What a thoughtful, beautiful gift giver your sweet hubby is! Love the jewelry box and I imagine you smell heavenly! Ha! I'm glad you're feeling better...slowly getting better and hopefully totally well soon. We've had wonderful weather for Ohio in January but I know the cold is headed this way too. Take care and have a good week!


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