Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Some people call it Fat Tuesday.

Others call it Mardi Gras.

Among the German people it is called Fastnacht.

No matter what you call it, it is the day before Ash Wednesday -- the beginning of Lent.

The idea is that the Lenten season is one of contemplation, deprivation and fasting.  All rich foods (especially those with fat involved) are gotten rid of so that the home is free of those things that might tempt you to stray from your fast.  How do you do that?  By using up all your fat food the day before.  And making fastnacht.

This is fastnacht.  Cinnamon and sugar.

No, I did not make them.  We have this wonderful German bakery, Haegele's, that I go to.  (They did the cake for Joe's birthday celebration last year.)  The original owners, Mr. and Mrs. Haegele and I used to attend the same church so I knew them rather well.  Joe has never had a Fastnacht.  He is in for a treat.

Joe also got two chocolate roll bars.  You can see he already ate one which he said was the most decadent chocolate dessert he had had in a long time.

Do you celebrate Fat Tuesday?  Do you have special things you do for Lent?  I'd be really interested in hearing if you observe Lent or not.  In the denomination I attend, we really don't observe it other than have messages and hymns aimed at the crucifixion and resurrection.  I know other churches put more emphasis on it.

Now I'm heading out to have a Fastnacht and get myself ready for the first Ladies Bible Study of the 2019 season.  An introduction to 2 Thessalonians.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!



  1. I do not celebrate the tradition of Mardi Gras or Lent but understand the meaning behind it and respect it.

  2. No, not celebrated nor honored here. I have enough troubles. 😁

  3. Happy FAT TUESDAY Kathy!!
    and Happy Lenten season as well - Yes, I do honor lent as it is a spiritual preparation for Easter and as a Catholic we use these 46 days for reflection, penance and fasting.

    I hope you have a blessed Lenten season.

  4. We don't observe Lent in the traditional way at our church either. I do feel it is a time of reflection and preparation for Easter and the Resurrection.
    I am here from Linda's Life Journal. I love your blog title.
    Drop by and visit my blog sometime.
    https://allredmop.blogspot.com Sue of photowannabe

  5. I honor Lent as a time for spiritual preparation for Easter,with meditation & reflection.

  6. We don't observe Lent like some other church's do but I like to use this time to ready myself for Easter and spend more time on scriptures and being so thankful for the Savior's atonement in my life. Growing up we observed Lent and my Mom, who's Greek, always fasts from any meat during this time. I love the Easter season and look forward to it every year.

  7. I don't celebrate Fat Tuesday but we learnt about the Mardi Gras in French which literally translated to Tuesday Fat. I do celebrate things like Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday and my mum makes tones of pancakes to eat in the morning and after school.

  8. Wow, I didn't know all this. I only knew that it was simply Martedì Grasso here in Sicily. Good morning dear Kathy! Those sweets remind me a bit of our Chiacchiere, and the Zeppole, which we eat with cinnamo and sugar.

  9. I don't observe it either, but I wouldn't mind tasting those treats! They look yummy. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  10. I made waffles yesterday...does that count? They sure were good! Enjoy your day sweet lady!

  11. Those treats looked so good, and we may have pancakes later in the week. I did make some butterscotch cookies today and made sure to freeze quite a few so we don't get too tempted all at once.

  12. In Pennsylvania Fastnacht Day was a big deal. Out here in Ohio I don't think that they have heard of it. No Fastnachts anywhere! Not that I was looking for them. We do not observe lent. We choose to believe in the message of the Cross and Resurrection.


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