Saturday, January 19, 2019


Hello, friends!  Hope you are in a warm place on this cold night.  Right now it's 38*F (3*C) but by tomorrow night it will be only 8*F (-13*C).  According to AccuWeather it will feel like -15*F (-26*C).  It sounds so much worse in Celsius.  Ha, ha.

I had plans to do so much today and didn't get much of anything done.  I just slept.  I am so tired lately.  I know I say this every post, but it's true.

Joe and I are continuing on with the kitchen clean up.  Yesterday we did the refrigerator door and today we tackled the freezer.  I found hamburgers shoved in the back corner that I didn't know I had.  Yippee!  Another good meal.

Tonight we had pierogis with onions for dinner.  So good.  I have chicken thighs defrosting for dinner tomorrow.  I haven't decided how to do them yet but I'll come up with something.

I made a run to Rite Aid this afternoon before the storm started.  I need cat food and cat treats (the only way we make it through dinner with our little beggar).

I also got Joe and I each a small bag of popcorn.  Today is National Popcorn Day (at least they said that on the news this morning) and I thought we would celebrate.

Image result for utz popcorn

I have the first row of my new blanket finished and the second row started.  I may have to stop for a few days since it is really hurting my hand to crochet.  Knitting is not as painful so I think I will do my 10 minutes a day on the temperature blanket and let the stained glass one sit for awhile.

Joe just headed to bed so he can get up for church tomorrow morning and I think I am going to do the same.  The rain is coming down now, but I expect to see snow tomorrow morning.

Have a good night, everyone.  Hopefully I will be taking some pictures to show you tomorrow.



  1. The pierogis sound delicious. Glad your big guy is stocked up on food too. It doesn't sound like the weather will be good on Monday. While I usually don't mind the cold,those single digits deter even me. AND the ice! I doubt there will be a walk for Bella.I am grateful we have a fenced backyard! Stay in & stay warm!!

  2. Your prayer was answered! Not only did you get rain, but it is also snowing somewhere—here. 🥴

  3. We got the snow here in Nashua, NH and also rain - the freezing variety - on Sunday and then the frigid temps which iced over the snow and rain. It was a balmy 22 degrees around noon time today which is better than the 5 degrees on Monday at the same time.


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