Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Let's make mine a Lady Grey tea.  Or maybe a hot chocolate.  Hello, friends!  Hope you are having a great day.  Yes, I am a little behind.  I wanted to post this yesterday and got so busy that I forgot all about it.  But nevermind.  We are doing a Monday Magazine on a Tuesday.

Here is the latest magazine that I finished.

It is another Martha Stewart Living and this one is from January 2009.  As I said last time she really doesn't have a page for me to use, so I am using the cover.

In this issue she is talking about "Fresh Thinking."  January is a time when people feel as if they can start fresh with things since it is a new year.  Really, it's no different than changing the calendar page from July to August, but changing the year seems to give people the perspective of something new and clean and an opportunity to begin over.  How do you feel?  Is January a new beginning for you?  Even though I know it's only a new month, I do feel it's a new beginning and a fresh start.  Perhaps it's because the whole holiday season is behind us and life goes back to "normal."

This issue also has several "Bright and Easy Citrus Dishes."  Do you like citrus?  What is your favorite citrus fruit?  Although I like most citrus fruits, they often don't like me.  I do not like grapefruit or lime, but I love orange and lemon.

Martha is making citrus marmalade in the cover picture.  Have you ever made marmalade, jelly or jam?  When I was little my great-grandmother made peach jam each year.  It was the best ever.  I have never found anything to equal it.

She also talks about "Closet Makeovers."  I desperately need a closet makeover in every closet in the house.  Not that I have that many.  This is a hundred year old house and they didn't have as many clothes and "things" so there aren't many closets or a lot of storage.  My so-called coat closet is a series of hooks in the stairway leading to the basement.  How about you?  Do you need a closet makeover?  Or do you need a closet?

Yesterday Joe went with Pastor and Rick to the nursing home service and I had a chance to stay home alone.  I had a opportunity to talk to my sister who has been very sick.  She missed a week of work and that is definitely not her.  She went back to work today but is still not feeling well.  Please pray for her.  She works in a hospital and has a very difficult job.

After I picked Joe up, we headed over to Walmart.  Lots of people love Walmart.  I'm not one of them.  It's the only place I have ever been robbed.  Yesterday it happened again.  I was getting eggs out of the refrigerated section and someone came along and helped themselves to what was in my cart.  But there were things there that Joe wanted, so we went.  While we were there I got some yarn to make a blanket for my sister-in-law.  She had admired my temperature blanket and it gave me the idea to make a blanket for her for next Christmas.  Starting it now gives me a year to make it.  I want it to look like stained glass.  I know just how it should look, so I hope I can accomplish that.  I have three blocks made so far and I like the way it looks.  I will be showing you it as I go along.

And speaking of knitting, I was putting my Advent scarf away the other day when Jack decided that it was his and actually grabbed it out of my hand to lay with it.

And I've finished the last of my Christmas candy.  Have you ever seen Christmas candy corn?  I haven't, but Joe found it at 7-11 and put it in my stocking.  How clever!

And that's it for today.  I'm going to go get breakfast.  Back to healthy eating starting today!  I'm looking forward to reading your answers to my questions so be sure to comment.  Until later...


Philly at 8:00 a.m.  The snow is gone but it's a little hazy today.


  1. January is one of my favorite months...a new start and it's my birthday month. Easier to like it now that we live in Florida too! I'm having a cup of coffee right now and enjoying your post. I love all citrus! Hugs!

    1. I think it's interesting how our favoite season or month is when we were born. One daughter is a June baby ad she loves summer. One is an October baby and she loves fall. Yes, January in Florida? Anyone can love that!!

  2. Good morning! Love the last picture....neat view, certainly different than my wooded back yard view. I do love oranges. I get clementines often in the winter too. As for closets, they often need attention, don’t they? We have a small walk-in in our bedroom. It’s small so we can’t accumulate much....but I still need to work at keeping it neat :) At least we now have a door....hubby did that last week.
    Wishing you a delightful and sunny day!

  3. My daughter Audrey makes all kinds of jellies, jam, apple butter, cranberry apple sauce, etc. I love it when she fills a box and sends it to me. My house is around 140 years old, so yup, not to many closets. And they are small ones. I hope your sister is feeling better soon. The cold weather is bad enough, but to be sick too is just awful.

    I've never been robbed at WalMart. I keep an eye on my cart though, because there are a lot of dishonest folks out there. That photo of Jack is wonderful. My Pogo loves blankets and soft things to cuddle in too. As for the Christmas Candy Corn, I haven't seen any for such a long time. But I do remember that it was very tasty. Enjoy it. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the blanket you're making for your sister. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. I do consider January a new beginning. I start thinking of each new month and what each will bring. I detest Walmart but it is the closest and easiest place for me to go to when I need something, so I give in. I love the picture of Jack..grey cats are my favorite. Hope your Tuesday is a good day.

  5. Nice photo of Philly. I don't like Walmart either but have never been robbed. What's up with someone taking things from your cart? They still have to pay for them! That's just crazy! Hope your sister continues to feel better!

  6. That is a nice photo of Philly....add a few mountains and it would look a lot like Pittsburgh! (Don't hate me, being from near the Burg it's kind of thing to have to razz someone from Philly. And vice versa. You know how it is. LOL)
    I'm not a coffee drinker, but I could go for soaking in a hot tub! Yes, I suppose I do think of the new year as a clean slate or at least a "do over." I do like citrus and I've helped my mom and grandmother make and can jellies and jam before, but it's been a while and I've never done it on my own. Peach jam sounds heavenly. Jack sure looks content!

    1. Ha, ha Pittsburgh girl! Yes, Philly and Pittsburgh have a friendly rivalry going. Even so, I'd love to drive across the state and visit the Burg sometime.

  7. Oops....I forgot your questions! I'm not a big fan of Walmart!
    I seldom read magazines anymore. I have seen the Christmas candy corn.
    Sometimes a day at home alone is simply wonderful. I haven't had that in a long time.....

  8. WHY would someone take items from your cart? Makes no sense. What a wacky world.I think making Elaine something warm is a great idea. I like tea,coffee & cocoa.Not picky. Didn't you know you were making his Advent comfy? Stay Warm!

    1. I'm not making the blanket for Elaine, I'm making it for Mary.

  9. When you said you were rob bed at Walmart, Kathy, I was thinking it was your purse so glad to read that it was the items in your cart. It's a hassle to have to go back and pick them out again and hope you had not yet checked out. And like another commented, WHY? would anyone do something like that. I also find January a good month to start new things or try to finish uncompleted projects and I like citrus anything.


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