Monday, January 28, 2019


Hello, Friends!  Hope you all are having a wonderful day.  It's Monday and I've finished another magazine so you know what that means.

It's another Martha Stewart Living magazine and this one is from January 2012.

In this issue Martha talks about having a dinner party.  When was the last dinner party you hosted?  Or attended?  It has been a long time for me.  Most of the time we either take friends to a restaurant or they take us.  As I get older I tend to not want the work of a dinner party.  But maybe sometime.

There is also a peek into Martha's dream room.  In her case it's a craft room with a mail station for her to wrap things to mail.  Do you have a dream room?  My dream room is in my dreams.  *sigh*

And finally she talks about "Kitchens We Love."  And some of these kitchens were beautiful!

Do you love your kitchen?  We had ours redone about 10 years ago and updated it about 5 years after that.  I'd like to update it even more but there is this thing called money that I don't have.  I do love my kitchen though.

Then there was one other article that I was fascinated by and might try to do someday.  They took a long baguette, sliced it like a hoagie (or sub) sandwich, divided it into fourths and made four different sandwiches on the one whole long loaf.  The first quarter was a ham and cheese sandwich (spread: chive remoulade; meat: French ham; cheese: Gruyere; vegetable: frisee; toppings:  sliced hard-cooked eggs and dill pickles).  The second quarter was a roast beef sandwich (spread: chive remoulade; meat: roast beef; cheese: Gruyere; vegetable: arugula; topping: salt and vinegar potato chips).

The third quarter of the sub is an Italian salami sandwich (sandwich spread: chive remoulade; meat: soppressata; cheese: fontina; vegetable: arugula; topping: shaved fennel).  And the final quarter is a chickpea sandwich (spread: chive remoulade; legume:  mashed chickpeas with lemon; cheese: fontina; vegetable:  shaved fennel; toppings:  sliced hard-cooked eggs).

You can see that a lot of the ingredients are passed from one quarter to the next.  And since it is in one piece, your guests can cut as big or small a piece as they would like and from whichever type they would like to try.  Such fun!

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my magazine.  Now to get rid of it and move on to the next one.



  1. No, I do not love my kitchen, though I do love my kitchen window.

    So you properly review the old magazine and give it the boot. That is a very good idea.

  2. Being in a rental means I "love" the kitchen I have- even if I don't love it. lol It is a nice kitchen but would not have been my first choice in appliances or countertops.

    I have not had a dinner party here-not enough room but I used to have them quite often...and kind of miss those days. xo Diana

  3. What fun! I like looking at old magazines. I have a bunch around here. I should do something like this someday and then get rid of them like you are.

    No, I don't love my kitchen. I like my colors. We painted it about 8 years ago. The walls are "pumpkin spice" (orange), the cabinets are "sage" (a lighter green), and the trim is "roasted garlic" (a darker off-white). That's where my like ends. It's badly laid out and the cabinets are old. We plan to redo it one day, but a couple of other things need done first. Sigh.

  4. I do love my kitchen. It is big and spacey and has all I need. I like looking at old magazines too and dreaming. The food section always draws my attention for sure.

  5. Fun magazine! I do love my kitchen. It sold me on making this house our home. Never imagined I’d ever have one so nice.
    Dinner party, nah. Not sure anything we do could be called a party....gatherings, yes :)) People, mostly family, causal, food...usually not too well planned!
    Hope you two are well and staying warm!

  6. Dinner party? Not our style. We're much more casual with not much space. Do I love my kitchen? Well...I like it. It's very small but cozy & warm when I'm cooking. There will always be something I'd like to 'fix' but I look out the window at the sparrows I feed....I'll keep it!
    Stay warm!

  7. I have hosted dinner parties and years ago they would tend to be more involved in terms of food and number of guests. Now that we live in an apt, our table seating is limited to 6 people, although we usually have only 4 at dinner. And the menu is easier: lasagne and salad, homemade soup and bread, etc. Thanks for sharing the magazine. We have never had a kitchen that large.


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