Friday, January 11, 2019


Hello, friends!  Sorry I haven't been around for awhile.  I am so busy here that I haven't been on here or facebook lately.  I guess there are just some times of your life where doing is more important than writing.  I haven't even been reading, so I will try to correct at least some of that today.  You all know blogging takes time and that is something I don't have right now.

First off today I want to share my knitting.  I told you I have a torn tendon in my left hand and so the knitting has gone very s-l-o-w-l-y!  At times I would do 10 stitches and that would be it for the day.  But I persevered and finally finished my temperature blanket for 2018.  I really love it.

You can see we had a long and hot summer by all the yellow, pink and red stripes.

It is about 7 feet long (213.36 cm) and 4 feet wide (122 cm).  It fits the top of the full sized bed that Joe and I have.  It's very different looking than last year's blanket -- the 2017 one.  I use this one all the time.  It is light but very warm.  And it washes up great.

I want to put the year on each of these somewhere but haven't figured it out yet.  I have started 2019's blanket.  It is completely different than anything I've done before and I'm excited to be doing it.  I will show you at the end of the month how it is going.

I also have been working on my Advent scarf.  You knew I wouldn't have time to do it for Advent didn't you?  I got four sections finished before I hurt my hand.  It has been just a few days where I can do a row or two and then I have to stop.  Some days I don't work on it at all.  It is going to take a long time to finish it, but it is very pretty.  Let me show you the four sections I have finished.

The sections look to me like Christmas trees, reindeer antlers, Christmas lights and a warm cozy sweater.  But maybe it's just me.  In fact, I didn't see it myself until Carolyn pointed it out to me.  I know I have messed up the next section, but I am not tearing it out, just going on.  This is just for me so it doesn't matter to me.  If I do another one to give away (which I might next year), then I'll make sure it is perfect.

Yesterday I had my six-month check up with my oncologist.  Things are looking good.  A couple of things I need to keep an eye on, but all in all good.

When we got out of the appointment Joe took me to Yamato Japanese restaurant for lunch.  I had my very favorite Sunshine sushi.  I love that they have vegan sushi.  It's made of fried sweet potato, avocado and mango with a slice of mango and sweet mango sauce on top.  So good!  This is the only place I can get it.  What a treat! It is the third time this week that I have had sushi and this was by far the best.

We have had some beautiful days lately. This was the sunrise on Wednesday the 9th...

And the sunrise over Penn's Landing yesterday, Thursday the 10th.

This is the Delaware River.  New Jersey is on the right hand side.  The Walt Whitman Bridge spans the river.  I live in the upper middle part of the picture way in the back.  It is only four blocks from my house to the river.

The temperature is dropping dramatically over the next few days and we are expecting an inch of snow over Saturday night and into Sunday morning.  Well, it is winter so I guess I have to expect something.

I'm still taking Christmas down and trying to make the house look like winter.  It's a task.  Trying to pick things up too and get rid of stuff.  We have two big cans of recycling to put out for pick up this morning.  And several bags of trash.  I'm doing my best to downsize.  We want to move in the next year or two at most and the less we have, the better.

I need to get off of here and get some breakfast so I can start my day.  Another day with lots to do.  Hope you all have a fantastic day.



  1. Kathy, The temperature blanket does look warm. :) I like the stitches in your advent scarf. You do keep busy. Stay warm. Blessings to you and Joe, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your temperature blanket is so pretty and looks so warm. You are so smart and talented my friend. I dont know how you have time to do all you do. Happy weekend.

  3. Your temperature blanket is really beautiful. The patterns on your scarf are so pretty. I'm so glad your latest appointment was a good one. My crocheting has slowed down quite a bit too, but I keep at it when I can. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Your temperature blanket looks great. Cant wait to see what your 2019 one looks like!

  5. Your Temp Blankets are awesome and both so different.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Your blanket is beautiful! I love sushi as long as it isn't raw fish. I get one called a crunch roll at the Thai restaurant that we like. It is delicious! Happy weekend!

  7. I love the Advent scarf! The pattern is so pretty. The temperature blanket is so colorful. It is really interesting how different the two are,how the temperatures change so!Glad to hear your latest report was a good one! Yay! Stay warm,my friend.

  8. The blankets are wonderful. Seems as if all of them tell a story. Take good care and pace yourself.

  9. Your knitting is lovely! Good to hear from you. I would love to visit historic Philadelphia. I have a son living in NJ. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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