Sunday, June 10, 2018


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Just a quick update to let you know I am OK.  It cost us $30 to take a cab down to the office, but it was well worth it because parking is impossible around there.  We got there really early and it was a good thing because they had quoted me one price on the phone and it came up a different price when I got there.  I had to have the first price voided and the new price put in and that took awhile.

I was nervous, but not as frightened as I was the first time.  There were two nurses and the anesthesiologist there.  Everyone was very nice.  They took my Blood Pressure which was still up but nowhere near what it was the last time.  The doctor asked me a lot of questions and then gave me the IV and I was out like a light.  For about 20 minutes.

It took me 45 minutes in recovery.  Joe was able to be with me.  He said the blood pressure was back to normal -- just very slightly high.  I was all numbed up so I didn't feel any pain.  The dentist said it was textbook perfect -- the tooth just slipped out.  He gave me some Tramadol for the pain.

Dorothea picked us up and brought us home.  I went to sleep for awhile.  When I woke up the numbing agent was wearing off so I took a Tramadol and went back to sleep.

But... there really is no great pain.  There is an ache and a twinge now and then.  I have been controlling that with Tylenol.  The swelling is just about gone and there is no bruising.

God is so good to take such good care of me.  I go back on Friday to have the stitch taken out.  I am following exactly the directions given to me.  It is hard to eat but I am getting a little down.  The ice cream is helping a lot.

Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers.  They mean a lot to me.  I treasure all of you.



  1. So glad to read that all went well and you were not in too much pain afterward. Good dentist!

  2. Praise God for His goodness! Glad to hear everyone was so nice & all went well. Enjoy the ice cream!

  3. I'm glad everything went well. An ice cream diet isn't all that bad, enjoy it. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Kathy, So glad you did well at the dentist. Yes, it does seem to cost more once you get there. I think you will do fine, because you are following orders. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  5. So glad it went so good for you! Take care and enjoy more ice cream :)

  6. Yay! Glad that all has gone well and that there are no terrible after effects. Ice cream does come in handy. Keep following orders and you'll be back to normal soon.

  7. I hate dentists! I am terrified of them. Glad that you are now better Kathy! I wish I could send you some gelato from here! Hugs.

  8. Kathy, no one really enjoys a visit to the dentist, but now that yours is over with hope you will be feeling better soon. I am running behind on blog reading as we were away for a family wedding last weekend but I have read your previous posts about this upcoming dental visit.

  9. I am very happy to read that your visit to the dentist went so well. It's always important to make the patient feel very comfortable. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.
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