Thursday, July 21, 2016


Good morning everyone.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Did you see the Republican National Convention last night?  I haven't been watching the whole thing, just the summary at 10:00.  But I did see Governor Mike Pence's speech.  I then googled him and read about his background both personally and politically.  I am very impressed by him.  Next week the Democrats come here to Philly and I will be watching their reports too.  This is too big of a decision to come to the table unprepared.

Anyway, enough about politics.  I got to talk to my sister yesterday.  We are making plans for our mini vacation next week.  Yay for going away even if it is just overnight.  Because of her change of job, this will be the first time in many years (15?  20?) that we will not be able to have a Sister's Week.  But you do what you can and at least we have a couple of days together to celebrate her birthday and take a little outing.  Aunt Carole is coming to take care of Snowy, so all is good on that count.  Joe is coming on vacation too and we are all looking forward to it.  I got us two rooms so Elaine will be able to sleep over Joe's snoring.  Everyone tells me that I snore and talk in my sleep too, but I know that's not possible.  (rolling my eyes here)

Besides Joe and me only Carolann showed up for Bible Study last night.  We still had a good study.  It was from Romans 4 and about hopelessness.  Good discussion going on.

I wore another new necklace I got from Rite Aid.  This is it.  I mean it.  Well... maybe one more.  We will see.

This is not something I would ordinarily wear, but for some odd reason I like it.  Carolann asked if they were crystals and I told her it's plastic.  I took it off and showed it to her.  If it were real crystals, it would be very heavy.

Here's what it looked like with my outfit. It looks huge when you are just looking at it, but it's not that bad when I wear it.

Please excuse the messed up hair.  In this heat it's a wonder it looks decent any time.  I am going to get it trimmed on Friday morning.  Just a couple of inches off -- not too short.  I know from experience that I do NOT look good in short hair.  Although with temperatures going up to 106* on Sunday short hair sounds awfully tempting.

I am watching a Steve Harvey Show that I recorded the other day.  I'm so far behind in my TV watching because I've been watching youtube.  Steve just said something very thought provoking:

"Someone should have a sign one day, you know like a sign that goes in front of a house for sale, that says, 'Your dream is free, the hustle is sold separately.'  And that's so true.  See, you can never give up.  You don't know where God is just waiting on you to pass the test.  But you have to stay with something and go through the test to get to the end.  See, if you quit, there's no way you will ever know.  You have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other even if you don't know the way.  It's not your job to know the way.  It's just your job to believe.  That's where people mess up.  You try to figure it out.  Show me the scripture that tells you to figure it out.  Where is that scripture at?  There's no scripture that tells you to figure it out.  It tells you to ask and believe.  That's what you got to do.  Ask God and believe.  Now if you ask God for something today you have to be willing to hustle.  Because the hustle is sold separately, now.  You can dream all day long, but the hustle is sold separately.  That takes everything you got....  Live your life.  You don't have to figure out what God has for you.  He already gave it to you."

This is something I was talking to a friend about the other day.  We can want to serve God all we want.  But until we get up and actually DO something about it, nothing will happen.  This friend and his wife wanted to be missionaries in France.  They spoke French.  They loved French culture.  They even visited France to see if they would want to live there.  They were accepted by a mission board and were all set to go to France but...  it didn't work out.  Roadblocks were in their way wherever they turned.  So after praying about it, they applied to another mission who is sending them to Chicago.  They went to Chicago to visit and just love the ministry they would be doing there.  They had a plan, God had another plan.  But they didn't just sit there, they stepped out in faith.  Am I talking to myself here?  More than likely.

So now that I've discussed politics and religion it's time to start my day.  I started out strong yesterday and petered out as the day went on.  I have a LOT to do before I go away next week.  Hopefully today will be more productive than yesterday.

Until later everyone...



  1. What a cute little porch. I have never watched so much political "stuff" in my life...I want to do the right thing too...and that is all I am going to say about that . LOL...Hey, I liked the same of that necklace with your top's neck was perfect. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. The decision for president is so important. It's foolish to go into the voting booth without hearing both sides and being fully prepared to make an informed decision.

      Thanks for the compliment on the necklace. I thought the same thing about the neckline.

  2. I like the Steve Harvey comment. It is so true! You need to put feet on your faith. Every journey starts with a first step;even if it's offering a cup of cold water.With this weather that's not a bad idea... I'll get a chance at that as I will be a part of the Clear the Shelters this weekend. A lot of thirsty people & pups! Stay cool!

    1. You can't ask God for something or to show you something and then sit back with your feet up and wait for it to fall into your lap. If you are looking for a job, for instance, you still have to go out and apply. The new employer is not going to knock on the door and insist you take his job offer.

      Good for you sharing cold water this weekend. I think it's too hot to go out even for that. Be careful. It's going up over 100* on the heat index.


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