Friday, July 1, 2016


I finally got myself together to get to the library today.  My books were due yesterday but time got away from me and I didn't get there.  I renewed them online so they wouldn't be late and decided I had to go today.

This afternoon I was just about to go when all of a sudden there was a roll of thunder and then a downpour.  It was awful.  And then as fast as it came, it went.  I called to Joe that I was leaving and took off.

My car still knows the way to get there, shortcut and all.  So in no time I was walking up the front steps of the library with a tote bag full of books to return.  I kept just one because I am finding that I no longer have time to read.  Every minute is full of things to do.  But I really wanted to read this one on World War II.  I am fascinated by that time period.

Diane and Doug were at the front desk.  I talked to them for a bit, returned my books, and gave them three bags full of clean and folded plastic bags from the grocery store.  They go through those things like crazy.  Everyone wants a bag for their books.  They were really happy to get mine.  Most people that donate them just stuff them in a bag and sometimes they are dirty.  Like crusted dried food dirty.  Yuck!  I have lots more bags to give them too.

As I'm talking to Doug he tells me to go in the workroom that there are free sunglasses.  His dad cleans out places and he gets things they are going to throw out.  He gave Doug tons of sunglasses so Doug is trying to get rid of them.  He even had a hand held mirror so I could see what I looked like in them.  Diane said she had taken around 12 pair.  I ended up taking 3 pair.  That was so nice of him!

Bob was in the back so I sat and talked to him for a bit.  He is so funny and I have missed talking with him.  He always makes me laugh.

One of my favorite customers was there too.  I was glad to see Perry and to be able to talk with him for a few minutes.  I really miss the people.  But retirement is a new life and I don't regret leaving at all.

I told myself I had enough to read and didn't need another book, but I ended up getting one.  Just one.  It is a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, but very small and slim.  I know I can get through that easily.  It looks very interesting.

I just stayed long enough to talk to everyone and then I left and went back home.  So glad the library is nearby and I can stop in now and then.

My necklace says "MEOW".  My friend, Genny, gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  Her daughter has one and I was admiring it so much that she got me one just like it.  I really love it, but don't wear it all that much.  It's heavy.

I stopped at Wawa on the way home and got sandwiches for dinner.  I had forgotten to take anything out of the freezer, so here you go.  It was too hot to bother with cooking anyway.

The sunset was really beautiful tonight.  You all know by now that I love my sunsets.

And so ends another day.  I can hardly believe it is July already and the year is half over.  Time is flying.



  1. Love the sunset! Sounds like a really great visit. The sunglasses look cool.The necklace looks beautiful,hope I can see you in it sometime. we had tuna sandwiches last night. It was too hot to cook,and we'd ordered out breakfast for lunch & were still kinda full. Saturday's to be less humid. ENJOY!

    1. Deb, I think you have seen it. Haven't you? Oh well, I'll wear it to church sometime. I agree it was too hot to cook. Today is better -- cooler and less humidity.

  2. Meow Kathy girl. :) I loved your picture of the sunset. So nice you could see your old friends. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. It was really nice to see all of them. I have to stop in more often.

  3. Friends, giving, laughing and free sunglasses.
    Sounds like retirement is OK!

  4. I love your MEOW necklace! You look so cute in this picture.


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