Thursday, July 21, 2016


My friend Marianne is still fighting with the Verizon guys.

June 3
Decided to go in to work after the grueling trip back and forth to Penn. At 2:30, I left my house to find the Verizon guys digging up our sidewalk, roping it off, and parking their truck in the street blocking part of my driveway. My car was in my driveway, and I had to back out to go to work. 

I went out and called over to the men, telling them I needed to go to work, saying that I worked for the city and I had to show up. One guy said okay, but the big brute from yesterday sauntered over, flashed me that smile again and said, "Sure! No problem." With that he whipped up the large elastic sheeting from the sidewalk with one hand and draped it around himself. He told the guy in the truck to move it. Then he turned to me and said, " Only lost a second and half on the job!" 

I thanked him for his cooperation and moved toward my car. All at once, he assumed a languid pose with the shovel and drawled, "Have a nice day," and flashed the smile again. I got the distinct impression he thought he was God's personal gift to women. I have a newsflash for him: Michelangelo's David he's not!


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  1. I enjoyed reading the last couple of posts. I am sorry about your weight gain, but it may be the heat. Your body may be holding water. Your new necklaces are very pretty. You have good taste! I can't believe all the stuff you buy at Rite Aid. We don't have a store like that in town. It must be a good store. Hope you get a pastor for your church soon. Stay cool!


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