Friday, April 3, 2015


I took off from work yesterday and I am so glad I did.  I've been so tired and slept most of the morning.  That was a very good thing.  I made my favorite breakfast of potatoes, onions and eggs, then got myself together to start the day.

Joe is sick again.  He is running a fever and has two earaches.  He has drops for his ears, so I am putting them in twice a day and hopefully he will feel better by Easter.

So here is my day in pictures -- or at least some of it.

The apartment house being built behind me is almost completed.  They stuccoed the back (the front is brick) and extended the chimney of the house next to it to fit with city codes.  Seeing the french doors on the second floor I figure it must have some kind of deck or balcony yet to go on.

And I just saw today that there is a concrete lined depression in the back leading down to a basement door.

But that's not the only construction going on.  It continues at the house next to me.  This is the beginning of the 5th month of work on the house.  They are now siding the back and have a scaffolding right outside our back window.  The construction guys asked Joe for permission to get on our roof to reach the side of the house.  The other day Joe stuck his head out of the bathroom window, said hello to them, and startled them.  Hee, hee.

I had to go to the real estate office in our neighborhood to fax some documents to my insurance company.  The houses near where I parked were decorated so cute.

Too bad the wind blew the bunnies just as I snapped this shot.

This is my former church.  I grew up in this church.  Actually accepted Christ as my Savior in this building.  My great-great grandfather helped lay the foundation.  My great grandparents were the first wedding in the church.  My sister was married in this church.  My grandmother was baptized in this church and so were my sister and I.  I met Joe at a Bible Study in here.  So I was really sad to read the sign in the church yard saying it was up for auction in a couple of weeks.  After the last pastor died, they had trouble getting a pastor.  The congregation shrunk through death and people moving until there were just two people left and they had to close the doors.  It's always sad to see a once thriving church close.  But I always say that like everything else, churches have a lifespan.  It's only God that is eternal.

This is my next-door neighbor's front door.  So cute!

And here is mine.  I found this lovely cross at Rite Aid.  Where else?

I did do a bit of cleaning and decorating.  Here are my tulip candle holder, my Easter Cherished Teddies, a moving solar lamb that Debbie gave me, and a lilac bush that Diane gave me.  I'm trying to root it and it's coming along really well!

I also got a purple hyacinth at Rite Aid and Joe gave me two beautiful Easter eggs.  After the disaster of the broken egg last year, he gave me wooden ones this year.  They are gorgeous!

This one has a peacock on it.

And this one has a hummingbird.

And my old stand by of calla lilies and Easter eggs bouquet.

Last night we had a Maundy Thursday supper at church.  It was a potluck with everyone bringing something.  Joe was not up to going, so I went by myself.  There were quite a few people there.  I took a meatloaf and some peas and carrots.  There are a couple of people in church that eat gluten free so I made the meatloaf with mashed potato flakes instead of bread crumbs.  It turned out so good that I think I will make it that way every time from now on.  It was so much moister and flavorful.  There was only one piece left and I brought it home for Joe.  He loved it.

My friend, Carol, that I used to work with came for the supper.  She brought a carrot cake that went right away.  We had fun talking.  We really must get together more.  She retired last year and is telling me how great it is.  Just 3 1/2 more years for me.  Maybe sooner.

So that's what's going on in my world.   Another busy day today.  More cleaning to do and a prayer time at church from 12 noon to 3 p.m.  Some baking to do also.  I might even get a chance to dye some eggs.

Until later...



  1. Sorry to hear about the church....It is kinda sad. All the decorations are so cute! I cannot believe those eggs are made of wood. Incredible what can be made.The food sounds delicious! I'll have to try the flakes next time.
    Hope Joe feels better soon.

  2. I really enjoy reading about and seeing things in your world. Sad that a church has to close it's doors forever, especially one that means so much to you. Love the eggs that Joe gave you and all of your Easter decorations. Have a blessed day my friend.

  3. Kathy I can't believe Bridesburg Baptist is closed and up for auction. I'm upset. We had such good times and memories there. That is so sad.
    What are they doing to Lillian's house? Is this the same people who bought it? I can't believe the transformation of the house behind you. I remember showing it to clients when the owner died. It's amazing what they are doing


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