Saturday, April 11, 2015


Yes, you are right.  I am late posting this late and there was no reading list for February.  That's because I was reading one book the entire month and didn't finish it until the middle of March.  That's what happens when you don't have time to read.  The book that held me up was...

SCONE COLD DEAD: A Liss MacCrimmon Mystery by Kaitlyn Dunnett (2008)

Seven months after a career-ending injury, Liss MacCrimmon is keeping her feet in the dance world by offering lessons to a few kids in her hometown of Moosetookalook, Maine.  Running the town's Scottish Emporium with her aunt, working on her physical therapy for her knee injury, and romancing Dan Ruskin has kept her plenty busy.

Still, she misses the life of a professional dancer, so when her old dance company goes on tour, Liss decides to bring the show to her hometown.  She arranges a reception for the troupe complete with a Scottish theme that includes a new spin on the classic Scottish Scone -- "cocktain scones."

Company manager Victor Owens has been making life a living hell for every member of the troupe.  So when he bites into a scone and promptly collapses and dies, the police set their sights on Liss and her friends.

I'm loving these Scottish New England mysteries.  The stories are interesting and I usually can't figure them out till I'm almost done.  I guess I like mysteries because it's like a game trying to figure out "who dun it".  This wasn't a difficult book, I just didn't have time to read!

by Kathleen Fuller (2011)

Emma was Adam's first love, but circumstances made them both choose different paths in life.  Emma's heart breaks all over again when Adam returns to the Amish community of Middlefield, Ohio.

For the past two years, Emma has been caring for her ailing mother, but after her mother's death, Emma is at a loss.  Her well-meaning sister and brother-in-law have their own plans for Emma's future and the property she shares with her elderly grandmother.  Emma knows God will provide, but is this what He wants?

Adam's return reawakens feelings Emma had buried for so long.  Both of them are older now, and both have reached turning points in their lives.  Adam's feelings for Emma are stronger than ever, but will he be able to convince her to give their love a second chance?

This is one of the most exciting books I have ever read.  It started off a little slow, but by the time I reached the middle of the book I didn't want to stop.  Especially the unexpected ending.  I can't wait to read the rest of this series.

FREDERICA IN FASHION by Marion Chesney (1985)

It is time Frederica, the sixth and youngest daughter of Reverend Armitage found a husband. As her five sisters try to find her a husband, Freddie suddenly blossoms and may actually make a match surpassing those of her sisters.

Over 20 years ago I discovered Marion Chesney and read just about everything she wrote.  Everything I could get my hands on at the library anyway.  And it's been about 20 years since I read any of her books.  I thought I would read one "for old times sake" and discovered that I still like her writing.  This is the sixth of a six book series, but was the only one of the series that the library had.  But you know, I still remembered some of the previous stories.  Now that's a good author!


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  1. While I like discovering a new author,I also like keeping up with my favorites. Which as you said, can be very difficult in a work-a-day world. Life happens! I understand the library simply cannot hold all the books we want,I love the challenge (?) of trying to acquire an author's backlist. Gratitude to places like Amazon & Ebay that I can afford to get them. Then they are donated so another lover of that author can read it.
    Enjoy the day!.


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